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    June 29, 2007

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    Vancouver, BC

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    Asian/Pacific Islander, Other

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    Chinese, Filipino, Other

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Today I Mourn...

Posted September 26th, 2007 at 08:08am

I lost another friend today. In shock as I watch the news, head bowed in hands I remember the talks we had when I got my heart broken, and coached me through the hard times. Reading all the posts on his facebook page I can see why he was loved by so many. He was extremely popular. Not only as a club promoter but as a friend. MY friend. He will be missed.

This is why I tell everyone I love them or give them a hug before parting ways, even to my boys. I know one day I'll be held... (continue reading)

Stuff In My Head...

Posted July 08th, 2007 at 09:14am

Because I Love You:

I don`t want you to feel insecure about our relationship. I will not cross certain lines or boundaries because I respect our relationship. I respect myself...I respect you.
I will support you in everything you want to do as I know you want to be successful in your endeavours.
I will be honest and truthful to you. No secrets. I want to grow WITH you, not against you.
I will not let you go to bed angry because what hurts you, hurts me.
I will not... (continue reading)

personal message

Are you stalking me cause I think that would be super... :)


My goal: To find my niche in life where my successes far exceed others expectations. To be the star in that special someone`s eye. To be always, everything and more in her heart.

A lil sumpin about me;

I'm not rich, but my experiences in life have given me wisdom, knowledge and skills that make me who I'm and what I'm about today. It's PRICELESS. I don't have the "dream" career most would be proud to brag to their parents about but it's a good job, I'm gainfully employed, it's an honest living and it pays the bills. I'm not great looking but I've learned to realize that I have so much more to offer than to be just considered eye candy. If anything I'm a lil bit of alright. I don't have degrees postering my walls. I've graduated from the university of hard knocks...SUMMA CUM LAUDE! What I've learnt will not fit on a degree. I live by the creed that necessity is the mother of invention and make do with what I have and then some. I'm not popular....OK YEAH I am (hehehe...i'm kidding). I've got best of friends of whom I call "mi familia" who care about me and my circles grow larger exponentially on a weekly basis...for real. To them I pledge my loyalty and love. Blood in, blood out. I'm truly blessed. I'm an opportunist and take pride in knowing that I am always able to work around "the man" even at the highest of risks. I'm not a follower of rules. In fact I like to go out of my way to prove that I run the show. I'm a free spirited soul that is bound by nothing. I'm a handful and was born with hell in a handbasket. I love action and am always in persuit of a thrill even if my heart has to pay the price for my shortcomings. I'm a true Pisces king. It's MY world. No helmets, No Pads, No weapons...JUST BALLS! I play by MY gh. That's pretty much both the negative and positive about me. I think it was better for me to be honest that way, no sugar coating on this page. Anything else about me I think is better left for you to judge in person. In a nutshell, if you can't love me at my worst, you don't deserve my best.

Never make someone a priority if your only an option...write that down.

Who I'd like to meet:

It doesn't matter who you are, where you came from or what you have. It's the inside that has made the quintessential you that turns my crank. I would like to know what you've learned from the trajedies in your life and I've got the God-given sense to make up my mind on my own. All I can say is that if you're patient with me, can understand and put up with and are down for me....then I'm totally down for you. Destiny has a funny way of making things work out, and I'm curious as how it all turns out...ya know? No guarantees. All I ask is that you be real and honest with me...AGABICHE? :)

To Those Who Love Us, To Those Who Don't. A Smile For Those Who Are Willing To, A Tear For Those Who Won't...SALUT!

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Female, Age Private, La Puente, CA




Female, 39, San Jose, CA


Sup Rozz?!? just wanna say hi.... hope all is well... take care always... <3kat