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     C - harismatic

  H - ansome

   A - mbitious

 S - ociable

  E - udcated


      D - escriptive

        I -  ncrediable

      S - ensational


P - oetic

          A - affectionate

         P - henomenal

      I -  ntelligent





Woah, I know what your thinking already..this dude is: OH MY GAWD!! 








 -FIRST THING : The reason why I chose Chase Dis Papi as a screen name was to have a little fun. You see, Men have been chasing Women  for centuries. Dating back all the way to the Cavemen days. The Caveman found a Cave woman that he liked, then he proceeded to club the Cave woman over the head and then drag her by her hair to his cave to make Cave babies. Now we get to modern days. Men are still chasing women. Of course not by clubbing them and dragging them to our houses. lol More like being sweet, kind, humorous and being ourselves. Buy hey. It's 2009. Women are more secure, bolder, smarter, and more intelligent. Why can't they go for what they want? Ahh here is the point! Women should chase men more. Like come on ladies. I bet you seen a guy in the bar. He's checking you out. Your checking him out. But maybe he's shy. Maybe hes a little intimidated. So he doesn't come over. So that's the end? Nah. You go over and start the conversation. Yes a bold move. But you know what? You got it going on. You know what you want. Why wait for him. Make your move. So go over there and be like "Hey you, whats your name? Give me your number and your picking me up at 8. So don't be late! lol


Ok now that we got that out the way, lol lets continue! But before you scroll the rest of the page. Please be aware the following subjects I talk about might be taken the wrong way. But please be advised, that all the stuff you read. Is MY THOUGHTS and OPINIONS ONLY! So if you have a problem with it. Tough cookies...ever heard of FREEDOM OF SPEECH? Ok lets continue.









 -This bothers me: Why do ppl on here forget, or DO NOT add a personal message to their pages? I heard all the reasons why they don't. "I don't want to share my life story". "I don't know what to write."  "People aren't going to read it anyway." Like I know, the last excuse might be half true. But most ppl Do read personal messages. And you don't have to share your life story. Geeze, you don't even have to share A story..Just write something. Show that you give a heck about being on here. When I stop at a person's page and they don't have a personal message..that tells me..they aren't worth my time. Its harsh, but it's true. Oh more more reason I forgot to mention which is : "I didn't write a message because I don't have the time". TIME? This is the exact same person who is logged on this site 24/7. And was a member since like 2005. Hmm







Pics? Where Oh Where Are Your  Pics?: I have noticed that some of you members on here fail to add a photo of yourselves. What are you trying to hide from? I mean I have a photo. Why should I talk to you?...and waste my time talking to you, a person I have no idea what you look like? Kill that noise about I have many pics so give me your email, and I will send you some. I'm not giving you my email. So stop noting me and leave me alone. Once you put a photo on your page, them maybe I would give you a time or day. PEOPLE?? Please stop being lazy...Geezeeee, lol Oh, and I know that when you change your default photo it takes like 24 hours for it to show up on your page! Nice STILL have no photos on the rest of your page! Next excuse please!?








-If There Was One Thing I Can Do Without In This World Is A Punk A**SS Hater: This section is for all you people who "HATE" on me and other people of this site and out in the street. I'm blowing you UP! What is a hater anyway? Lets See. Hater - A person that simply cannot be happy for another person's success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person. Sounds familiar hater? Like people make me sick. You can't give a person props and a compliment on a job well done. No, you have to turn your nose up, bash them, make them feel like they aren't really successful. Your jealous dude. That is the bottom line. You look at yourself in the mirror and you hate yourself. You hate your life. So instead on fixing your self. Your quick to put down another person's faults or flaws. This world doesn't need you haters. There are haters in this real world too. The biggest culprits? The Tabloids hate on all the famous people everyday. They are quick to bash who they date, what movies they make. They never mention the good in them, only the bad. So please haters, leave my page...stop judging me or my friends on my page. Your not welcome. Drink your hater aid and bounce! Peace!








-People!? What Are You Doing?: Most guys on these websites, make me laugh. I was told a lot of guys OFTEN give out there phone numbers to other members. Like wow!! That baffles me. Like you just met this person and your giving them your number? I guess never mind playing hard to get eh? lol I mean geeze are your that desperate and such a loser, that you need a female to call you and tell you your a loser on the telephone? lol Guys? my friends, listen dude..if you give her your number right away, shes going to think you give your number out to like all the people you meet. And you prolly did. So keep the numbers to yourself She won't call anyway, lol. To the ladies...what is up with the freaky screen names? Woah..some of you girls should have your mouth washed out with soap. lol I know, I know, your prolly just having a little fun. But don't be all upset, when guys note you and talk a certain way to you. Guess what? It's because you have a screen name that served its purpose. You got the man's attention...but of course a negative one. What is wrong with a nice screen name that is both creative and classy. Again, if you want to keep making screen names like LickMYP**sy, or EATMYB*ush...then get ready to delete a lot of dudes disgusting notes,  who think your that type of female who loves disgusting degrading notes. To the people who have over 300 friends on your list. Geeze. Do you know that many people off of MiGente? Do you talk to all these people who are on your list? I mean come on. Why in the world do you need over 300-500 people on your friends list. I get it guys. You just want to collect female friends so you can be like yeah, I'm the man. And girls, like your so sweet you just want to have all these cute guys on your page. People!? Just give me a intelligent answer to this question. What you want?? To be the next Tila Tequila of the cyberspace world? You want to be famous? Well it makes me laugh. Start deleting NOW! lol








-Question to the Ladies: Ladies? Why do most of you on here, appear half naked in all your photos? I mean, yes I'm a guy and like to see a pretty woman. But have you ever heard this saying? "Leave things for the imagination?" Woah. Like more than ever these girls are totally naked, boobs all out, booty exposed. Then they have the GAUL to say that they want to be treated with class. There is nothing classy about the half naked chicks on here. Not even half naked girls walking in the street. Most guys won't treat these girls just like they would treat a woman who is dressed nicely with all their stuff covered. It's sad, but the truth. So please cover up! I mean there are some women on here who look classy in their pics. They are dressed, very classy, so cute, and very sexy. There IS a difference between classy sexy, or just plain nasty. But to be honest though, looks shouldn't matter. Some people only judge a person by their looks. That is the reality. So knowing all of that, first impressions are so important. So remember that. To bad the world doesn't seem to understand that concept. Because sex sells and grabs all attention. That will never change!







-Question for the Guys: Where are all my Dogs at??? If you said "right here, I'm here", lol shame on you! I'm sick and tired of these guys acting like DOGS and PLAYERS and wanna be PIMPS! This is crazy. Men should treat women the way they should be treated. With class, respect and love. Besides, smart women can see right through you guys. They can smell a dog (alpo), hear a playa (lots of corny lines) or see a wack pimp (top hats, bling & cane) miles away. lol Plus you awful dudes make it bad for the good guys like kind gets the rough end of the stick..left by a bad guy who treated the girl like crap. Then its up to me to pick up all the pieces! So please dogs, playas and wanna be pimps!! Leave your pimp hats at home and act like gentlemen for peak sakes! lol








-To Stalk or Not To Stalk, That Shouldn't Be a Question: "We don't want no stalkers, those be the ones who gets NO love from me. We send them 1-click note, then they send 5 back, trying to holla at me!!" LOL. I mean come on now. Who likes to be stalked? Or better yet, who enjoys stalking other ppl? Stalkers are weird. You should be locked up and thrown in jail. Or maybe not that drastic, just sent up in space to live amongst the stars! lol You stalkers are all the same. You don't take no for an answer. You take a person's kindness and use it in a sick, obsessive sometimes perverted way. You visit our pages every day. You send us notes with paragraphs, after paragraphs talking about how much you want us to be your friend, how much we mean to you! Like woah! I just 1-clicked this joker and now they think we're a couple. So stalkers! This goes out to you! and to the stalkers ONLY! Wake up and smell the glue you prolly ate as a child! lol If you don't get a note back. MOVE ON. If they curse you out and threaten to report you. MOVE ON. If they delete your friend invite, not once, twice, or three times. MOVE ON. I'm trying to help you ppl...your very close and on your way to a place where you DO get 3 meals a day, but you would be making license plates and showering with a huge guy or girl named Bubba or Maltida! lol.








-What Is Up With People Wanting Booty Calls?: In the year 2008 going on 2009, guys and girls are living in the past. Lets learn about the booty call shall we? BOOTY CALL - a telephone call, other communication, or visitation made with the sole intent of engaging in sex or other forms of sexual release with the person being contacted. Now hey that is fine and dandy if I wanted this sorta thing. But when I log on a site like this, I have NO intentions on performing this act. But of course, there are ppl on here wth the only sole purpose on hooking up with someone just to have a booty call. They will note you all charming, then add you as a friend. Then ask you for your number for a date. Then they will try and seal the deal. The guy or girl falls for the game and then after the "boom botta bing" *POOF* they are gone. Or you get the guys who tell you right up front. Their like hey I'm here for some booty. Geeze, that is disgusting. So please beware of these booty hunters..usually these ppl have profiles which have all these sexual images cluttered all over the pages. I'm sorry, but I have to let these ppl know. It is a SOCIAL site, NOT a PORN SITE!! Heaven's Almighty lol








-So You Have The Munchies?: Listen, I don't want to stand on my soap box and preach about drugs is bad, and people shouldn't do bad things. But you know? I shouldn't have to. The people who do drugs, should look at themselves in the mirror and be like. Wow! I'm a complete moron and should stop. But we all know the majority of the druggies aren't going to step up and admit that they have a problem. They are tons, and tons of drugs out there I could talk about. But I want to focus on a certain type of drug that many kids are now starting to do at a early age. And its Marijuana. WEED, POT, TREES, MARY JANE or whatever else the druggies are calling it. Like I get it. Its cool to smoke weed. All your friends do it. It makes you feel good. It takes you to a place where you wouldn't be able to go in your mind. Wow! That sounds awesome. But you know what? Your a loser. Sorry to break it down so harsh. I can look at myself with a straight face, and say that I NEVER tried pot, NOT even ONCE tried Marijuana. I never had the erge to. My friends tried it. They ask me if I wanted to blaze with them. I was like nah. First, if my mother finds out I will get stomped. And plus I just don't like the smell and the way it makes you guys act. But these days its like the coolest thing to do. You see it in movies, in magazines. Rappers do it, movie stars. You hear it in songs. Sometimes even on crazy I know. But listen, if you do it..and love it..then that is your life. But I will NOT be around you and quite frankly, I wouldn't even respect you. I know again...that is harsh. But I see little kids smoking that crap, and acting a fool. I also understand some ppl have to use it for medical purposes. That is fine and dandy. But when I walk in the street and see a 8 yr old kid smoking pot. lol That bothers me. So please. If you never tried it like me. Don't. And if you did try pot and then stopped. Thank you, and your the bomb. And for the ones, who still smoke it and love every minute of it, and will smoke it until your dying day. Then I hope you rot in hell. Sorry again it sucks to be so harsh. But that is how I feel about Marijuana. Sorry.







-Cam Girls, Cam Girls: Whatcha gonna do? whatcha gonna do? when I report YOU? lol Seriously, like you know what makes me more angry about these "cam girls"? the way they try to scam you! They're like "Hey papi, your so hot, don't you like me? Do you wanna see me?" The guys are like hell yeah lets do this..and then the "cam girl" goes aww my cam is locked!" Now fellas watch out that is a red flag! Don't fall for that..and move on. lol I did a little sting operation on this one "cam girl" she gave me a link to her so called site, then it asked for my credit card info. Shes like don't worry its free. Whatever, I think and know that there is NOTHING free in this world. Everything has a price. I can proudly say I didn't get scammed and now I kinda know who is a "cam girl" and who is not. She is usually some hot chick with pretty much easy to spot fake photos. And she is usually from like from a far out country. Like the Philippines. Oh and Here is the kicker, she posts her email addresses, usually a MSN, and a Yahoo address. So Guys, and Gals, watch out for these "Cam Girls" What is this world coming to? lol



- Fakes & Imposters: A face is not a face, especially if that face isnt really your face - LOL ok I know you guys are confused. But I'm talking about people on here stealing other ppls photos and claiming them as their own. Like WTF? Your that ashamed of your self that you have to lie and deceive to people that your the person you say that you are? *sighs* This has to stop! I noticed some strange stuff on these sites. Multiple photos of the same person. Hahaha. Or photos of supermodels/porn stars being used as a fallacy so that we can think the profile is legit. Hmmm so, so sad. I knew a friend, OK it was me. lol I made a friend on here and everything was great. She was cute, and hot like spice and everything nice. lol But then, I saw her pics on a different page. I was like hmmmm, so I investigated. It turns out that my friend stole the other girls photos and claimed it was her. I noted the other girl, the "REAL" girl, she reported my friend in question. And thus, I was left with egg on my face. So be careful people...are the people your talking to really that person in the photos your going all googley eyed over? Hmmm tough question huh? My advice. If things are too good to be true. Then your gut is correct. Don't fall in love with photos. This is logical, and common sense. But ppl always do. That dude with all those muscles, can't really be wasting his little time on here. He would be at the gym. That girl who claims shes a model would not be wasting her time on this site. She would be across the country at a modeling shoot in Milan. lol Or If your friend is really that person in the pics. Ask to go on cam with them. If they give you doo doo excuses, raise your eyebrow. And if they have a few pics. Ask them to send you more photos in emails. Again if they decline. They arent worth your time. Just move. This site has a few bad people, but the majority of the people on here, are real, and who they say they are. You just have to keep your eyes open. Good luck and be safe :)




 -On My Mind: I like people with beautiful smiles on their faces. I dislike ppl who frown and pout, and put on fake smirks! I see right through those ppl. lol I like people who DO say hello when I walk by. Why wouldn't you say hi to a person who greets you? I remember after 9/11 here in NY ppl were like we have to treat everyone great, we are all Americans! Uh huh that lasted a year, now ppl are walking past each other without a acknowledgment. I dislike people who don't say excuse me. Like when I bump into a person, I always say sorry. My mother taught me that b4 I could crawl. I guess these days parents forget to tell their kids that. Matter fact the parents are the ones who bump into me and don't say sorry, lol You gotta be kidding me? I HATE deadbeat DADS. If you laid down with a female and you and her made a baby. Guess what? You are a father. So what that means is that you have to be there emotionally and financially. I don't wanna hear that you aren't in the kid's life because you and the mother are not together. It shouldn't matter. You should be there for the baby! No matter what. Its your responsibility. Be a REAL man and step up!








-Question that bothers me: Why do ppl on here post on their pages that their only here to make "friends"? When they aren't friendly to ppl who leave them a note or a comment? What type of "friend" your looking for? A person with charm, humor and respect? Or a person who is just good looking, shallow, dull and a wanna be? A "friend" that one day you will meet and be more than friends? Well then your not looking for "friends". Your looking for a someone that eventually you will be your"SPECIAL SOMEONE". You know it, don't lie to yourself. Like I get it, I don't fall under your friendship guidelines. But I won't lie. I keep it real. I'm looking for friends, and whatever happens happens. All potential friends are welcomed. Come on ppl, end the madness...speak the truth!!






 -A Quick Observation:

In a world, a state, or a city MUST be really hard to survive. I understand that we should only care about ourselves and our family and friends. And we're like who cares about the other ppl? Who cares about their struggles. I have struggles too. Who cares about the homeless? They shouldn't be homeless. They should go and get a job. Who cares about the hungry children. What can I do? I have to feed my own children. These are some of the questions that I ponder on. I, myself try to do whatever I can. I know my life isn't perfect. I'm not a millionaire. I don't have a house on the hill. But I'm happy, and I have my family and friends. And if I can do something to help another person at least feel good for 2 minutes, or heck, a day. Then that makes me happier. So when your walking around today or whenever, and you see someone with a frown on their face. A simple "Hi have a great day", that can make a huge difference. This world, state, and city is hugeee, but you know what? Love, Peace & Happiness is just a small sample of making a difference.








Ok that is all. For the people who actually read of all my page. Thanks so much. For the people who chose NOT to read..either you can't read..or your lazy, or you are the people I was talking about! Ha Ha..if thats the case. I really think you should change! Just kidding, no one can force someone to change. They have to change for themselves. Remember that. Oh and one last thing..



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