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I really don't feel up to putting up a personal message right now, so I'll simply say that I'm a poet and here's something to hold you off until I feel like writing that personal message.




Yesterday's plight

Yesterday I received the shock of discovering that you and I would not be upgrading to we. And I was then crushed under the weight of my previous thoughts of how our future would be.

And honestly I wanted to cry, wanted to tear the heaven's assunder to show God my emotional state. Wanted to walk into hell and throw the devil off his throne but neither would let me through their perspective gate.

So again I look at the option of crying, but this luxury I couldn't allow myself due to the thought of the lesser man I would become. I remembr hearing that there are a thousand fish in the sea, so maybe I'll find comfort in the next one.

But someone clearly mis-counted, mistaking thousands for a mere hundred because only selected few found me worth their time. And of those few even fewer were my type but all that vanished with the next thought that came to mind.

I thought only of you, you, the one that got away snarring, my hook instead of falling for my hook's snare. Baiting me with the desire of unrivaled bliss and to my surprise you actually cared.

With you happily ever after became a possibility, but unfortunately I didn't realize it quick enough.With you the path to heaven was officially paved smooth and the pavement to hell again made rough.

That is if I were with you, but with that not being the case I guess I'd be better off just putting those thoughts away. So yesterday where I wouldn't myself allow myself the luxury to cry, well that has nothing to do with today.


And one more for the hell of it...




She moves gracefully but with each foot fall, you can feel two foot steps. A gleam on the edge of her smile and a silent roar resonates with each breath.

She's mighty.

Her gaze falls upon you like a thousand nights and she dares you to break eye contact. Each time you blink providers her with a chance to draw closer as she prepares to attack.

She's lovely.

Within the subtle curves of her nature hides untapped power behind the thin layer of her clothes.  She's an entrapment of beauty continuously luring you in with sight, words, and pheromones.

She's dangerous.

She carries the scent of nature with her, a soft but sensual musk. Hair colored according to her desire, from Autumn Sunrise to Summer Dusk.

She's wondrous.

But she bares a burden that only kisses can tell and her kisses have often been misplaced. Trusting those who only wish to tame her to cage and display her beauty when everything about her should be embraced.

She's tactless.

Her thoughts are as uncultivated as her stripes but she knows one thing for certain. Somewhere in the crowd of onlookers there lurks someone whose soul is like hers so she waits for someone to pull back the curtain.

She's a Tigress...


Well there you go, Tell me if you like them.



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