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    November 02, 2007

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    Fremont, CA

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    Asian/Pacific Islander, Black, Hispanic/Latino

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X is the Name,......yes like the letter :), I dont have really much to say ,
Im a 19 year old Musician/Artist/Model/Doucheba g that just lives life for the love of it,
I own my own clothing company and have spent the past 3 years touring the world with various bands, I thrive off of music and my lifes a playlist stuck on shuffle, My hands are instruments of creativity and my mind is pretty much .........just a smartass in a nutshell,

I dont drink or smoke but i dont mind it , i love to listen and help people out usually with a smile and just enjoy the company of friends

i usually live off of my sidekick when im going everywhere,and im pretty random ....think of me as interesting if your wanna be nice, Retarded if you wanna be text book / an %#&@$! about it :)

anything else you can hit me up on myspace or here and just get to know me im an open book with big print you dont have to work to hard! rproduction

AIM- Xondrums

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Stumbling In The Dark with A Broken Heart

Posted August 06th, 2008 at 09:46pm

Stumbling through the dark with a broken heart, all alone at it once again Seeping in like a feeling you haven't felt since way back when In the dead of that night, like the Summer of Sam I caught word of the commotion you cause via telegram
And got all worked up, we got all worked up
I found away Over the fear and through the flames, I'm diving in Don't follow me, stay right here I'll be back for you someday I found away, it'd be best if you just stayed It's not safe, don't follow me I... (continue reading)

2 truths and a lie

Two of these are true about me. No joke. Which one's the lie? Take a guess...

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Female, 28, Fort Smith, AR


how you been ?


Female, 31, Saint Paul, MN


oooooooh what kind of art?!?! I'm really good at drawing with my hands and sketches....and an occasional painting or two. Life is kinda down for me right now. Living in a difficult world and trying to grow as an adult is quite tricky lol. How about yourself. ♥


Female, 31, Saint Paul, MN


yooooo, its goin alright over, how about you? I'm just working my butt off lately >___< Eeeeeeeee... ♥


Female, 31, Saint Paul, MN


hello new friend =] ♥


Female, 28, Soledad, CA


yeah I have a myspace,
do you?


Female, 28, Soledad, CA


OMG, i guessed it, you don't enjoy watching sports

guess what

I do,

we're kind of like soul mates,
dontcha think?


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