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Cold Sorrow

Posted July 15th, 2009 at 12:34pm

How do I embrace, accept?
How do I check, "one, two three... testing." - I don't.
How do I let one instant over take, empower a long time discrepancy over what I believe is best for me.

Somthing pleasant comes along.

...then nerves build up. I feel this rush kick in. A heavy load, something holding me back from taking that next step forward. I don't fight the signs - I am held back. As much as I cry out in my silent state of mind, million wonders racing through... (continue reading)


Posted May 24th, 2007 at 07:13am


Its funny how things continuously turn out the same way, and yet i am vulnerable enough to fall in the same trap - to think that once wasnt enough already. "Enough is enough"; so why do i still find myself putting up with this nonsense? Behind every negative, there is alwayz a positive. "Dont spend precious life time sobbing in misery, when your worth more than that", is what i tell myself, "noone can conquer over you, for as long as you stand your... (continue reading)

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personal message

this goes for anything in life ..

j-j-j-j-jo jo jooo jooo jo


-i can be delightful to know
-i can be a confused child
-i am stubborn/hardheaded at times
-i find reasons and logic behind everything
-im a curious individual, so i am easily intrigued
-i dont like working out, but i do it cuz it's good for me
-i love to eat, eat and EAT (if only i can eat anything i want and never work out but still look good, if only ..)
-i love to lounge > party
-ok, i lied bout not liking to workout, because i love sports and cycling or rollerblading and boaring and those are like workouts.
-i love pear flavor jelly bellys
-im a goof cuz i like to make my friend laugh
-im right, you're wrong - in my world. haha
-i love ice cream, but who doesn't?
-i am a huge procastinator, but im working on it


mmm YUMMy YUMMY in my tummmy =P



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