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Dear mridontmsganyoneonthereyetimontherenupdatmyprofileassholefu

Posted February 03rd, 2011 at 10:35am

Funny how a guy says one thing but does the opposite when you are out of sight.

Men are never happy, always want better.

You foolishly wait around.

Hoping not to fall, crashing to the ground.

You give your all.

He gives you words you want to hear.

While you sleep you shed tears.

You feel your are to blame.

After everything he still plays this hurtful game.

Shoulda known better.

Thought you wouldn't find out.

... (continue reading)

To all my beautiful ladies <3

Posted April 23rd, 2008 at 04:12am


Ladies we've all been through it before,

yes I believe you all know what I am about to say,

We all gone through love.

If not love then pain and heartache,

tears that land on our pillow at night.

where you feel as though you've cried oceans of tears.

Felt that cant eat cant sleep depression,

Now I know you all know what i am saying.

Times where fights seem to last forever,

then some fights that seem to be... (continue reading)


Posted April 20th, 2008 at 11:15am


Ok tranny list for AA if you know any more pls leave me a comment n i will add

why r they trannies i am sure most of u already know the answer. They are fake accounts with guys using girls photos, creepers, pervs,sickos,azzholez, haters, ppl that harass other aa members, etc etc

here is the list

HOMEWRECK3R (dirty lil hoe)

OOOHHH_AAAHHH (annoying azz spammer)

XCLUSIVE creeper perv Diary_of_a_madman's new pg AKA F@AGMAN is back

CUTENAMJA... (continue reading)

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