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  • I can come off as stoic. It may take a while for me to warm up to strangers. But after some years of "friendship," you'll wonder why you didn't press charges sooner.
  • You won't come across a more manly-man than 'yours truly.' Nevermind that I cried while watching Terminator. That was just a fluke.
  • Not to brag but you can say i'm extremely popular with the ladies. Although the restraining orders make it very difficult on our relationships

Here are simple criteria: Charisma, spunk, and the unique are welcome but cookie-cutter molds need not apply. Pretentious and self-adoring are not allowed nor desired. Those capable or remotely creative conversationalists - ranging from pointless to poignant or satirical to sincere, while overlooking monotonous small talk - are most admired, thus saying 'hello' is encouraged. Please make no assumptions for this is NOT a dating ad. Thank you and enjoy your stay.

Self-esteem is seemingly a priceless commodity, especially among the guys displaying their hot-diggity guns of steel. Don't we all put our best forward for the world to see? With that said, here's a shameless self-endorsement; I'm lean but not muscular, i'm not tall but not short either, i balance altruism with cynicism, i'm far from Calvin Klein model material, and i'm plenty flawed like the rest of humanity. If you couldn't tell, my pics have been photoshopped to look less like a goblin, therefore you won't get to see my eight tentacles or lizard scales.
~~~Have a good one~~~ 

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