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    June 26, 2007

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The Rev Squad is:

Elaine: Vocals/Keyboard

Jackson: Guitar/Synth/Vocals

Drewz: Guitar

Toby: Bass

Petey: Drums/Vocals


"Trajectory is everything One inch out as the rocket launches and you miss Mars and end up on Venus. If you're lucky - and I have been - you discover it was always where you wanted to go." - Bono

For the Rev Squad, trajectory took a lot longer to establish than most bands. The inception of the band went through various misfires, misfortunes and miscellaneous disagreements. However, one thing is clear in that for 2007 the band has finally established a strong push in a direction that should leave the band in new and exciting territory. The core of the band existed since junior high when the original members of Elaine, Jackson and Drewz grew up together as inseparable churchmates and schoolmates in the cold winters of Edmonton. Without grandeur notions of rock n' roll, and lacking a decent element of flair, the trio didn't think much of using their musical abilities until a small coffee house gig sparked a sense of something unique given the response of their audience. This initially conceived musical experiment was temporarily labeled "The Janes", which included a rotating door of close friends to form the rhythm section. However, the band lacked a consistent trajectory, decidedly falling short of completing their initial demo album despite a degree of success in the campus and small venue scenes in Edmonton and Calgary. Moving to different corners of Canada, the band members decided to put their project on hiatus. A few heartbreaks, weddings and bassists later, the trio took a step of faith and relocated to Vancouver without a rhythm section and reincarnated themselves The Rev Squad late in 2006. Recruiting talented new friends Petey and Toby from the Tapestry to form their first established drum and bass duo, The Rev Squad has since written enough material for the first demo release due in March. These demo tapes convey the rich and compelling vocals of talented Elaine, interspersed between the frantic indie-infused guitar attacks of Jackson and Drewz and the driving rhythm of Petey and Toby. Records and studios aside, the Rev Squad thrives in live shows. Comfortable jamming on stage since their youths, the Rev Squad features a combination of metrosexual glam rock, ill-conceived ideas of amp jumping, and a penchant for going all out regardless of audience size. Regardless of whether this newfound trajectory takes them to Mars, Venus or leaves them in Vancouver, the Rev Squad and their fans are in for a challenging, humbling and fulfilling ride.

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Posted July 12th, 2007 at 08:07pm

Hey ya'lll!!!


come check out The Rev Squad on you tube!! and if you have time vote for us to win the Vancouver Asian Film Fesitival competition. (just rate the song)