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    May 23, 2010

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    Asian/Pacific Islander, White

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    Chinese, Vietnamese

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Just stopped in to say hi. Been on facebook a lot lately. Just add me on there to stay in touch better: Tieralanha Nguyen

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Male, 35, San Antonio, TX


oh sorry luv, i been busy moving into an new apt, its been hectic but i havent forgot.


Male, Age Private, Stamford, CT


you are so very welcome! nice to meet you! hope we can meet and talk again!!! thanks for your comment!!!! hope to hear from you soon!!!


Male, Age Private, Stamford, CT


hello sweetie


Male, 32, Scarborough, ON


heey, ok, how r u


Male, 35, San Antonio, TX


well thank you for droping a line, and for the text this weekend. ;P
thinking of ur silly butt too.


Male, Age Private, Stamford, CT


happy birthday


Male, Age Private, Stamford, CT


Come sit with me
As I ponder the meaning of life
With no particular thought in mind

Unwind with me
As the wind caresses, my body and yours,
With a breeze so smoothing, it's dream-like

Love with me
As I fall into the depths of your soul
With just a look into your eyes

Live with me
As I age
With the passing of each and every second

Pray with me
As my palm kisses yours
With the Lord... (continue reading)


Male, 31, Brooklyn, NY



recent blog posts


Posted May 26th, 2010 at 05:11pm

Love and pain seem to be one and the same. Looking back through the years, I'm not sure what I have gained. Honor and love in this world seems all but existent, Lost and confused I wander like there's something missing. I know I don't belong here in a place so cold, But who and what I am still remains unknown. Living life with direction and compassion, has only led me to next to nothing. Yet turning into a stone like the rest cannot be done, no matter how hard I've tried or how much I've won.... (continue reading)

My thoughts I posted on the meditation group on 2012

Posted May 26th, 2010 at 05:07pm

As some literature said, as well as I believe, the changes are gradual - not sudden as most would presume. The changes that are to take place have already started a long time ago around 1998 or so. Economic downfalls, morality extinguished, extinction of love, disease and warfare all are several of many factors that are all part of this cycle that will lead us into a new one where the inner consciousness, awareness, spirituality, and truth-seeking takes center stage. We are transforming from an... (continue reading)

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