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Female, 31, Australia


how have you been?
haven't heard from you in a while.

hope all is well.


Female, 33, Philippines


Happy 2008 to you! Cheers! :D


Female, 33, Piscataway, NJ



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    November 04, 2007

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    Dumont, NJ

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    Asian/Pacific Islander

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conservative and a bit of an introvert. in the house i am soooo quiet, outside im soooo shy. im almost always smiling on the outside but inside are complex and deep thoughts of loneliness :)

i drive a 2006 honda civic sedan, royal blue, with aero-kit all around.. i need a girl who wants me for who i am and not for my car... hehehe.. anyways, i got a lot of issues.. only a couple of people know about a good friend who needs a good friend also.. the rest of me is unexplainable, you're gonna have to find that out yourself..

i love billiards, i don't know how to play poker. i can't sing and dance but i do appreciate people who have the talent. hehe. i play counter strike to kill some time when im at home. i play basketball whenever i get the chance, volleyball whenever there's an opportunity. i was the setter of my high school team and we were second place, not bad but not good enough. i haven't played paintball or airsoft yet, i hate thrill rides coz i get sick. i used to have earings but i looked like a dork. i love the art of tattooes but i am not getting one coz its against my principles. spiders and snakes gives me the creeps and i like to poke the heck out of snails and worms. its fun :)

my two favorite features in a girl are the eyes and the hair. a cute set of eyes like those of the Japanese, Chinese, and Filipino and a bunch of bangs partially covering the forehead down to the cheeks but not all over the place :)
hehe yep, a girl that has those two will just simply make me drool over myself :) i think that is the most beautiful thing on earth, add a cute smile to that and i'll be your number 1 fan :) my next weakness is a freakin' watermelon. an unbruised, seedless, red and juicy watermelon.. ooohh if i had to save a watermelon like that from a speeding 18-wheeler i wouldn't hesitate. :)

im a short slim shy quiet type of guy but if you mess with me you'll be eating your meals through a straw. but then again i prefer to talk things over :)

check out my picture gallery site at AZORSKI.PHOTOPIANS.ORG

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