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031609 - Oink^@^

Posted March 16th, 2009 at 10:56am

I just noticed I've gained a bit of muscle over the past few weeks... AHH!!! I HAVE TOO MUCH!!! I wish I can shrink them and still have the power...:( More muscle for me to haul around.

New goal! Learn to tailor so my fam won't need to buy clothes.0_0 Tunics for everyone!

Well in other news going to go this job fair today attt 9ish. Excited! If I really get a job here I will be able to come back home earlier! Pretty excited about driving to CA also. I get to see the ocean and... (continue reading)

030609 - Oh wells

Posted March 06th, 2009 at 04:27pm

So I'm reading a article on lengthening muscles and it hit me... you can't. The shape you are is the shape your stuck with. Only thing you can do is trim fat or make the muscles larger but not longer. Sad that I can't transform my bulky body to a lankier one... Oh well. I'll just be a dancer that doesn't fit that look. I'll have to carry this frame forever blah. -asr1 ps. Damn my shoulders are too big.:(

030309 - Life has just...

Posted March 03rd, 2009 at 06:59am

lost its luster. -asr1

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03/23/09 - Fuck YOU!




Gettin' Buck Nasty On A Saturday Night

Add me for Myspace too while youre at it. shit im pissed.

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Female, 26, Orange, CA


hey mayneeee, my hands are clean aight? :P lol


Male, Age Private, Dallas, TX




Female, Age Private, Irving, TX


lol thanks for the pix comment!

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