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the reason i made this account is for the people who need help in their love life. I'm trying to ATONE for the wrong i've done in the past. So Check out my blogs if u want 2. i hope my writings can inspire you in many ways.These blogs don't reflect on how i am feeling at the moment.(i've been patient for years) i have learned to let go.But, after reading one or two of them you can can understand how passionate i can be.



Enjoy the rest of your day and stay on AA


The Origin of The "Cutestviet"


i bet you're thinking what am i doing with the sn cutestviet?? sounds conceited right? yup, because that's what i used to i'm just plain GOOD LOOKING =)....anywayz....i kept the sn cutestviet because it has been with me for over 10 can be the icon of your past and future! pretty nice huh?? If you're a person who'z got sum problemz u need to vent out....LET ME KNOW!! i'll be THe LISTENER YOU NEED...CUz i care! Even if i don't know u........ i will care!!!! well, hit meeh up ....but nymphoz....trying to get a peep at my junk....well hope to hear from you!!!!! thanks again for stopping by.









The Alternate Ending To Your Story


In your heart whenever you need me




when i look into your eyez, i want to tell you that "I GOT YOU"




i love writing poems...because the words i speak of are so true.......i hope to find the next woman who will be in all of my poems from now on.....


in all my past relationships....i've failed once, i've failed twice....i just hope you will be my third and forever make it right............



"without your love i refuse to live, with your love i cannot die"


PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME THOSE 1-CLICK NOTES! If Iam Worth your time ,pleez Send ME an ORIGINAL note.......IF NOT, THEN ROLL ON =) BTW(i don't do random adds) i'm not all that and a bag of chips...i just will add u as a friend if i deem you as "REAL". Goodluck and have a nice life if we are not destined to be friendz.I'm not a hater and neither should u be.So, SPREAD THE LOVE!

if you actually read everything that i wrote on here instead of just looking at my pictures....Like WOW!!! You deserve a PRIZE!!



2 truths and a lie

Two of these are true about me. No joke. Which one's the lie? Take a guess...

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how to be a man and let it go

Posted March 17th, 2010 at 12:01pm

I can't believe we've broken apart………

But we have to be true to our hearts………

You knew how much love I had for you….

The number was so much you can't pursue…

But now we have to go our separate ways….

And go on looking for better days

We cared so much for one another…

We combined as one and became lovers…

I appreciate for all you've given me….

But we gotta let things go and let it be…

One fight led to another…..

After that it went down under….

You filled my heart so much there was no more space….

You won't be easily replaced……

I'm sorry our love couldn't last…..

But we gotta get through this and bury the past…

Sometimes love won't go our way….

We tried our hardest to make it stay….

We couldn't help it all along…

Yet we let it slip right through our palms….

My heart hurts so much it ached my chest…

Gotta be strong for the both of us and wish you the

As we're at the crossroads saying our goodbyes….

I regret only one thing and that was our love that had

Chapter 2

Posted March 17th, 2010 at 11:59am

I'm so glad that I had the chance to experience the

love from someone from my past.

I can't believe it was all taken away from me just so


My intentions of leaving you wasn't a mistake.

I left it all for the best for  everyone's sake.

I don't believe in the words that it was not meant to


On the inside I was hoping that you would consider to

come with me.

I wasn't expecting for you to move on so soon.

While i'm stuck here listening to depressing tunes.

I know the words I spoke to you sounded so wrong.

My true intentions were to prepare you to become


But now I sleep every night feeling so cold.

I don't want to lie to myself and leave this story


One of the things that I do want to confess.

Is What everyone wants and wish you the best.

The only  people I have to confide to are my best


Feeling as bad as I am now it's hard enough trying to

be your friend again.

As I write down this poem  there are tears running

down my face.

I don't' want to imagine starting all over again pace

by pace.

I  don't want be in this game anymore.

I want to be in love where it doesn't have to be a


I just want to let you know that i never wanted it to

end this way.

But you'll do fine because it seems that you are

already okay.

Westside Produktionz '02

What I'll Miss

Posted March 17th, 2010 at 11:57am

what i'll miss is the way you say you love me
everynight before i go to bed.

i gurantee those words will never be erased from my

what i'll miss is the way you go out of your way for
me everytime.

i'll regret the days when i can't be with you whenever
the sunshines.

what i'll miss are the times when i wake up next to

now that you're gone i know not what to do.

what i'll miss is the way you tuck me in everynght.

without you nothing ever seems right.

what i'll miss is your beautiful face.

to me all things have lost its taste.

what i'll miss is your scent off my clothes.

no matter what, you were always stronger than the
stench of my stoges.

what i'll miss is the way you've been patient with me.

you're so wonderful you deserved to be spoken to on
bended knees.

what i'll miss is the way you've shown your love for

i just never had the chance to tell you that you had
what it takes to be the one for me.

Just Want you to know

Posted March 17th, 2010 at 11:51am

Just want you to know before you completely forget about me.

Why was it for you to move on so quickly and so easily?

Just want you to know you didn't even try to imagine yourself in my future.

Instead you failed to see the big picture.

Just want you to know that you've hurt me so grievously.

Why was it so hard for you to see the things that i wanted you to see?

Just want you to know that i feel so lonely now not knowing if you're showing some other guy the world.

I feel that you gave up on me so quickly not giving us a chance to let our love unfurl.

Just want you to know that i feel so bad thinking that i'm worth nothing to you.

Yet at the same time i remind myself that i have no control over you too.

Just want you to know that i don't want you to make me sadder by making any wrong decisions.

Instead i want you to choose the right path and please understand my visions.

Just want you to know that i'll be here for you through thick and thin.

I want us to be close as if we were kin.

Just want you to know, even though our relationship is set, i will not abandon you no matter what.

I don't give a damn, you can come to me and i mean no buts.

Just want you to know i want to thank you for what i have failed to see,

You've made me realize what kind of girl should be next to me.

Just want you to know that my feelings for you were always true.

It doesn't matter now. I want you to know that you were qualified for me 2 say "I Do"


Posted April 24th, 2009 at 06:20pm

my awakening

as i sit here four hundred miles away, i think of you so often it's as if you are next to me.

just read on and imagine the things what i've alwayz wanted you to see.

give me a chance to prove to you that we can make our love last

lets not waste our one year and throw it in the trash.

i want you to know that ever since you've been gone

everyday i'm trying to find out the mistakes of where we went wrong.

everynight i pray that you'll find it in your heart to see what i miss

i want to be there right now where we shared our very first kiss

back then when you first came to my house, i treated you with utmost respect

there's one word in the dictionary where i don't ever want to do to you and that's neglect.

i remember the first night at the movies where you held my sweaty hands.

i didnt ever want to let go because deep down i wanted to be your man

you're the special girl who made a simple word BAM!!! into sumtin unique

i would give anything to hear you say the way you say it, and thats what i seek.

i remember the days where you called me your superman

love is my kryptonite, without you there, there is so much that i can only withstand

everything i write down isn't just a story, it's the truth

what i want to do is wake up everytime next to you and give you all my youth.

i want to correct the mistakes where i didnt want to go out and ruin the fun

my mentality has changed where i want to be there with you and chase after the sun

i want to wake up next to you everyday through the sunrise

i'm not talking about momentarily, i sincerlely want to wake up next to you until the day of my demise.

i want you to belive in me and let me show you how i feel is so true

the bottom line is that I LOVE YOU

we have to take it step by step if u want me to be your man

i'll promise you this, we'll have talks about whenever you're ready to talk about wedding bands

is love for you?

Posted April 23rd, 2009 at 11:44pm

Don't take your partners for granted

Let me show everyone how and where I went wrong ..don't let this happen to u

Hold onto your partner tightly and look deep in your heart and try to imagine what the feeling may be once they're gone from your grasp.
Don't wait until it's too late because you may never get the chance to correct the mistakes sometimes.
You have to be the person to show them your love for 365 days of the year every year. not just have to wait for an anniversary or a national love day to do something nice for them.
It's not so bad to have talks about the future with them, it's a great step to show them how much you really are committed to them.
Try to take them out where it's out of the ordinary. Do something random and just be thankful that you got a chance to share something with them that they had never experienced b4. be their first at everything if u can.
Don't just have "good times" with them, instead give everything u have and experience your true calling with them. The best love is to be in a relationship where you're in love rather than just loving them.

It feels good knowing now that I was ready to give everything up for her, the sad part is that I didn't get a second chance to prove her right.

Where i have failed, you will succeed

westside produktionz 07'






all a girl wants from a guy are not the fancy gifts, expensive things, but the THOUGHT of doing it. all a girl wants is to have time alone with you, hold her like she's the rope that's holding on to your heart from falling... mean what you say when you tell her the little things that gives her butterflies everytime she hears it... make her realize you are nothing without her because she did create a man out of a boy, and finally make sure her heart truly knows that it's a not a feeling that she's feeling but the truth, she is on top of your world.

wise words from my homeboy 'sLiCkEsT

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