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    March 11, 2008

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    Rockville, MD

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Okay, now I have to tell everyone a little about myself. I'm a pretty boring person. Lol! I'm just kidding. I actually find myself to be a little bit of a mercurial person. I'm always changing, always evolving on some level. I love the arts which would include functional art, music, theatrical and poetic. I love to learn new things. I'm an honest person...well, at least with myself. I have a great sense of humor...although at times my friends/family think that humor is a little dry. I like to take delight in the little things life has to offer because without them, the bigger things would cease to exist. I've never been in love although I have a lot to offer. I love my family, my friends, and most importantly, my God. Anywho, I'd wish that I could say more about myself, but I'm really tired as of the moment, so if there's anything else that you'd like to know about me...just ask! Lol! I love P0YKPAC!



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Female, 29, Burtonsville, MD


Let's do some stupid sh*t! ... ohhh (sings like a fool) i love that song . Girlicious rox my sox lol Yeah! let's go do some stupid sh*t!!!


Female, 29, Burtonsville, MD


hey your music player is at the bottom of your page, scroll down genious...


Female, 29, Burtonsville, MD


oh lordy you crack me up woman!

Now i can't stop saying it
2+2 is 4

4+4 is 8

Oh My God.
Shy korean guy: I ...dun know..why do japanese women like black him he japanese!!

Hot japanese guy: Yeah, i know i think it because they have big D*&# !! (lol)

Other Korean guy: HAhahahah yahhh big d*&# ..I like big d*&#!!

hot JApanese guy: He gay!

Black girl: Hahahahahahahh heehehe wait wha?!!!

Other korean guy: Yesh..i was gay. heehehee

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Lol! Just recently, I went online to look up some Aeropostale apparel because my wardrobe was looking kinda dusty. So, I wanted to buy this really cute sky blue hoodie with white lettering but then I saw this white hoodie with blue lettering. So, this is were my dilemma begins. I spent almost an hour trying to figure out which hoodie I was going to buy because Aero had this deal on buying a hoodie and buying bottoms for a discounted price. So, I decided that when I went to Aero I was going to... (continue reading)

...The hell?...

Posted March 24th, 2008 at 05:36pm

Okay, so I recently reunited with an old friend of my who was a mutual friend of my "heartbreaker"(No names, please, no names). We have fun catching up, taking pics, etc. then he tells me that he has recently spent some quality buddy time with "heartbreaker" and his fiancee. Fiancee! What the @#$%! He has a fiancee! SO, yeah, it kinda ruined my mood that day. But, why? Why did I feel so upset? I know that I don't have any die-hard feelings for him anymore, heck, I've even... (continue reading)


Posted March 20th, 2008 at 02:57pm

Just Bought Janet's new album! It's awesome!!