Exotic Food. Are you picky enough not to try it? (3)

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Male, 38, South San Francisco, CA


I remember watching one of those food channel shows where there is a guy who goes to all sorts of countries to eat the strangest foods possible. It just happened that they were eating Bulls Testicles on that episode. I've heard that he would always try a certain type of food once. There was one that proved to be a challenge for him. It was Stinky Tofu. A chinese Delicacy that I vow not to eat again. I've seen pictures of people eating giant bugs in Thailand. The whole idea reminds me of those old episodes from Fear Factor or The first episode of I'm a Celebrity Get me out of here!

Are you a Food Explorer or would you rather play it safe and eat what you already know about? What would you eat, and what can't you ever touch again?


Female, 31, Viet Nam


i agree
i'm a weak gỿls


Female, 40, Seattle, WA

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