Is a 500 whp evo lets say... (4)

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Male, 44, Bellevue, WA


Is this a rational daily driver? You hear this now adays... and is it practical? When is it enough?


Male, 33, Japan


500hp is rational especially in a AWD platform. Its alot better because you dont have traction issues but you dont want to use a Puck clutch. You want to use a JDM Twin plate clutch like the OS giken which go up towards the 1500 dollar mark easy.

A puck clutch will cause drive train shock and make your tranny go boom. So you want a grippy engagment without the force. I would say 350whp is ideal in a Evo if tuned right with the right suspension parts...


Male, 38, Spring Lake, NC


i think 500hp is great.......on the track. driving it around town even with awd isnt to fun when u have to use the spray to take the lage off if ur pushing boost. 350hp is a lil better. itll make for a good fun run.


Male, Age Private, Boston, MA


Just invest in Nissan GTR & Call it a day, it Daily Driver Friendly & Emission Legal but remember drive like you stole it. ^_^