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Be yourself-be who you are- G O O D - D A Y (=^.^=)

I live in a world full of R A I N B O W.... The RainBow.Of. Life....

As you & I try to walk this path of R A I N B O W L I S M ... I wish for only J O L L Y moments like seein the Rainbow... If in REALITY--->life can be like this.... Foreverness as timeless Romance...

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Female, Age Private, Madison, WI


dude how often you come here...its kind of boring in asianave....

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Posted July 15th, 2007 at 04:55pm

I don't know why? but listening to love songs-it makes my heart lingers...and what is it lingering for? hummm...I know what it is lingering for..for I can't say..nor write it out...

I suppose roads in life has its own meaning...If only....

Why does this heart still lingers? why won't it let go..why won't it forget "memory lane" why won't it...why won't it stop w/it..

Would it be me? or would it be my mind? Aiya...I have no clue.

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