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"Alarm Clock, Snooze Bar, Get Up sets the hazy repetition of those post-college/pre-adult years into urgent, kinetic sonic environments that work for fans of both indie-rock and electronic music. Sonically, these 6 songs bristle with shimmering pop hooks and throb with dance-floor ready beats."

-- Pop Headwound, on Alarm Clock, Snooze Bar, Get Up


"(Alarm Clock, Snooze Bar, Get Up) EP is a cyclic experience - splashes of hope, excitement, love gained, love lost, self medication and truth on the backdrop of a single day in a life. From the apartment, to the car, to the club these songs will sweep you off your feet, awaken the inner superstar and get you dancing all day and night long. Let yourself finally fall in love with Blip Blip Bleep."

-- Mary Deletioglu - Director of Programming for Radio DePaul


"Blip Blip Bleep;s unique sound and kinetic stage presence brings a fresh face to the NYC indie rock scene."

-- Emily Glatser, Director of Top 40 Promotion, Warner Bros. Records


"Blip Blip Bleep has developed a unique form of electronica rock...This is the exact innovative sound that college radio is always looking for."

-- Todd Blumenfeld, College Radio Consultant, RCA Records


Blip Blip Bleep is Sean, Brett and Sarah. Our second EP, called Alarm Clock, Snooze Bar, Get Up, is now available!.

Along with our first release, Wireless, at the following locations:

- iTunes - eMusic - Napster - Rhapsody - Yahoo Music - Amazon ...and most other digital stores.

We're also on MySpace

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Female, Age Private, Los Angeles, CA


Luv the music keep it up :)