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Tamaki Nami [ ]

Born | Wakayama-Ken, Japan
D.O.B | June 1, 1988
Blood Type | O

Jpop Princess Nami Tamaki aired on the scene in early 2003 with her debut single "Believe." Her debut song was also the theme song to hit anime Mobilesuit Gundam Seed. This anime gave Nami a headstart with her music career and also gained her the title of 'Jpop Princess.' Of course "Believe" was a huge hit also, ranking 5th place on Oricon and maintaining a great longetivity on the charts. "Believe" even made top 100 single rankings of that year. With a great start, there would be nothing stopping this young diva's popularity. Although, there is always a process to get where she is at.

Nami's dreams was to be a singer and dancer since she was born, although her main dream as of today is to make people smile. Not only in Japan but all over the globe. She became noticed by many from dance training and her unique dancing skills attracted many. Her dance training started in 1999. Dancing was the first step to succeeding her goal, now singing was her second major interest. Between the years 2001-2002, Nami applied for Sony Music Audition and performed American Pop hit "Survivor" by Destiny's Child. (A successful American women group composed of great talents) Sony Music choose Nami of course, out of 1,000 participants that auditioned. Sony Music knew they choose the right one, they were also impressed by her singing and dancing skills. Shortly after, Nami's success launched.

Some Facts:

Hometown | Wakayama, Japan
Favorite Food | Niku-Jaga (Beef broth with Potatoes)
Least Favorite Food | Eel, Eggplant, Kikurage Mushroom (Juda's ear)
Favorite Fashion | Very interested in fashion, but no particular brand.
Favorite Color | Red
Favorite American Drama | Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Favorite Anime | Urusei Yatsura, Dragon Ball
Place she wants to visit | Disneyland in Los Angeles, California
Favorite Artist | Janet Jackson, Madonna, Britney Spears
Dream & Goal | Wants to be a singer who can make people smile and happy not only Japan, but everywhere in the world. She always wants to improve.
What she wants the most | Piano


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