"Korean-American Pop/R&B Singer/Songwriter from NYC."

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With sheer vocal talent, lyrical genius, exotic beauty, and charismatic personality, there is no doubt that this 22 yr. old Korean-American singer and songwriter is the name of music's fresh new face. JENNY (formerly known as Jaley) has come a long way to make her dream of becoming a recording artist happen. From recording herself on her computer microphone, to winning a singing competition on MTV, her journey has taken her to this very place.

Jenny Hyun was born in Los Angeles, CA but only lived there for the first few years of her life. Her parents then decided to settle in Virginia. It was there that JENNY's natural vocal talent was discovered.

"I discovered singing when I was around 8 years old," JENNY explains. "I didn't know I had a singing talent until I was around 10; but there weren't many opportunities in Virginia, so when I was 16, my parents decided to move to California and that's where I got my shot to do what I love."

While in California, JENNY began to collaborate with producers, and writing and recording her own material. Since then, she has worked with numerous producers, including Needlz (Fabolous, 50 Cent, G-Unit, Nappy Roots, Drag-On), Jean T. Na (The Tyra Banks Show, The Pussycat Dolls) and X-Factor (Madonna, Chaka Kahn, Robert Palmer). As well as honing and perfecting her vocals with industry-respected vocal coach Don Lawrence (Christina Aguilera, Rolling Stones, Billy Joel). She also hired on sought-after publicist, Lizzie Grubman (MTV's "PoweRGirls", Britney Spears, Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, Jay-Z) to create a buzz in the industry.

JENNY began to go for her dream full speed when she submitted her demo in 2002 to her then management and signed with a production company a year later. Since then she has performed at venues from New York City's The Bitter End (Patti La Belle, Joni Mitchell, Avril Lavigne, Stevie Wonder), Webster Hall (Tina Turner, Eric Clapton, Prince, Sting) and The Cutting Room to The Viper Room in LA to Hawaii for WorldAsia's Xentopia 2004 where 10,000 people were in attendance and filmed for their network launch. On May 2nd 2004, JENNY was invited to perform at the 25th Annual Asian Pacific American Heritage Festival held at Union Square Park, NYC where she performed for thousands at the all day event. JENNY also participated in a singing competition called "Princess Idol" on the luxury Princess Cruises line and took home a winning trophy. She has also performed in the Bahamas at the world famous Atlantis hotel. She has also performed for various charity events like Make-A-Wish Foundation and USO in Ft. Dix, NJ. JENNY has been featured in numerous online and offline publications like The Queens Tribune, Chinese Consumer Weekly, AARisings and HitQuarters.com. She was also a featured Artist on Nextcat.com in August 2007 and Songwriter of the Month at SongQuarters.com on October 2007 and has also won first place in American Idol Underground's singing competition in May 2007.

But most importantly, JENNY is at the forefront of an era where Asian Americans are just beginning to make their mark in the entertainment industry. With Lucy Liu and Bobby Lee covering the movies and television industry, it is only a matter of time until an Asian American will take the music industry by storm. JENNY has the potential for not only national popularity, but international success also. Asia's fast-growing economy holds millions of people who have fallen in love with American musicians in the past, and JENNY's potential for gaining an immense fan base in Asian countries is limitless.

Even though JENNY has been busy civilly ending her business relationship with her management/production company and recovering from jaw surgery, she has continued to write and record new material and is currently wrapping up projects with producers RobOnBass (Mary J. Blige, Wyclef Jean, Styles, Joe, and Fat Joe) and Ominous (signed with 20th Century Fox), with JENNY writing and co-producing every song.

Recently JENNY has signed non-exclusive modeling contracts with Gail & Rice/Affiliated Models, Inc. and Affinity Model and Talent Agency for Commercial/Print modeling as well as having a sponsored profile at Modeling INTL. She has worked on numerous photo shoots (Kiwibox.com, Rob Klein Photography, SLAM Images LLC) and even has runway experience from the CFF Gala Fashion Show 2007.

JENNY has a vocal and songwriting talent that could compete with any artist on the radio right now, her unique beauty and charisma stand out among the rest, and she co-produces all her music. With the right backing, it's obvious that she is on her way to astronomical heights in her career.



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Male, 40, Toronto, ON


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Male, 52, Washington, DC


Looks and sounds like the "whole" package!


Male, 40, Philadelphia, PA


here is the link to my page enjoy beautiful!

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Intimate Strangers

Everyday about the same time
We'd pass each other on the street,
staring deep into the others eyes
daydreaming of a way to meet...
Would we tell one another lies
most mistakes are made in haste
but our vows are the compromise
that keep our wedding rings in place...
making love in each others minds
the thought of it makes time stand still
our shoulders brush and at the same time
I breathe in deep to take my fill...
could you and I lead a secret life
or maybe we could just be friends
but today I think I will just say hi
and tomorrow we'll make love again...



Male, Age Private, Sheboygan, WI


love ur music


Male, 39, Germany


Super Musik, ich war echt ueberrascht so etwas zufaellig zu finden. :)


Male, 56, Los Angeles, CA


Hi,You are very pretty and have some great music,also.Best,Johnny


Male, Age Private, New York, NY


you have great range and pleasing vocals. Best of luck. I know how hard it is to make it as an Asian American artist.


Male, Age Private, Los Angeles, CA


Just stop by to show appreciation and a little friendly luv ... lol =)
Great songs!! Keep it UP!!
Have a joyful holiday season!! Peace Out =P


Female, 28, Oakland, CA


whoa i didnt noe you was the one who sang the song "when" nice. keep up your good work.


Male, 32, San Dimas, CA


heyy!! i rememebr you from saram!! :D.. well keep up the good work!! nice singing!! <3


Female, 36, Scarborough, ON


hey Jenny, u should really put up ur old songs as well. "geisha grl" "still believe in love" ect. :)


Female, 32, Dayton, OH


w00t~! Finally! It's great to see your music up on AsianAve! Love it<33 Take care, and hope all is going well for you ^_~v


Male, 37, Albertville, MN


wow! u sing so beautiful 2..wow! very proud of ya artist.. i like the way u sing 2 gurl.. a song with a very good meanings in hehe.. just wanna come by 2 say Hi!.. hope u don't mind ..


Female, Age Private, Fayetteville, NC


Hey Jenny! I love your voice so much! You are so talented! I met you on myspace then found you on youtube and now you're here! Keep it up!