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Independence breeds creativity.

And that is very apparent in the Southeast, where Atlanta-based alternative rock band titofelix has found new life by upgrading their sound. Armed with the release of their newest full-length album, All Good Things , the core group of Marc Cordon, P.J. Sobremonte, Robeen Dey and "BabyJay" Jay Opalia is quickly transitioning away from the pop-punk for which they are best known and moving one step closer to defining a more rock-oriented feel.

Formed in Atlanta in August 2000, titofelix briefly relocated to Tampa, FL, to record and release their debut album, Faux Pas. The band followed it up with a series of EPs and even a music video for theit first single, Man of Steel, that screened at several film festivals.

March, 2004, saw the release of titofelix's second full-length album, Character Flaw. Recorded in Jacksonville, FL, under the guidance of renowned engineers Paul Lapinski (Yellowcard, Alicia Keys) and Daryl Phenneger (Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Evergreen Terrace), this much-anticipated sophomore effort incorporates shades of punk, classic rock and hip-hop/funk elements within the polished quality of a major-label release. Notable tracks on Character Flaw include the fan-favorite Been Around The World, as well as a cover of Usher's Nice and Slow.

With the release of All Good Things , the band reunites with Paul Lapinski and Daryl Phenneger once again to hit you hard with their energetic guitar riffs, catchy lyrics and tight melodies. Coupled with an energetic live show and a growing fanbase, expect titofelix to continue making a mark on the music scene in 2007 and beyond.


Among the band's highlights:
- Selected artist for the cover of the May 2007 issue of SIR Magazine - Opening for slam poets Beau Sia and Ishle Yi Park, formerly of Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry - Opening for renowned comedians Rex Navarrete and Bernadette Balagtas - 2nd round of the 2006 International Songwriting Competition - Placing 7th out of 1,000 Southeast bands in the 2004 DiscMakers Independent Music World Series - 2004 Silver Addy Award for the soundtrack to the award-winning promotional e-Card The Race - Music placement on various compilations and soundtracks, including the soundtrack for the independent film, Lumpia, and the Rock In the Box, Volume 1 compilation from Soulworks Records - Music Placement and spotlight on the Waltertainment-produced DVD THRUST Video Candy - Live performances around the country, including Los Angeles, Washington DC and New York City - Commercial and Internet Radio Airplay


titofelix unplugged - now taking requests!

Hey titofeliacs...

Thank you all so much for your support! You made titofelix's return last year well worth the time and effort that was put into creating All Good Things.... Can you believe it's been one year since the album was released? Things have been nothing short of amazing as the band continues its creative resurgence, and in honor of this one-year anniversary, the boys have something special in store for you.

Without further ado, here's titofelix's very own Marc Cordon...


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hey guys?

Want some more free stuff, jerky?

8.8.08 will be here sooner than you think, and we definitely can feel the pressure to meet our deadline, but we're going to come out of our creative hole to spend November having some online fun with everyone?and I'm not referring to that "Catch A Predator" type of online fun. (sorry bobdey)

November marks the 1-year anniversary of our release of ALL GOOD THINGS?, our free album and the relaunch of titofelix.com. And to celebrate, we're going to strip things down, pick up our acoustic guitars, and perform a bunch of your requests.

We'll play anything that you ask from our last three albums. We hope you'll ask for some titotunes, but we might do a couple covers as well. Just don't turn this into some weird cover lounge, people. On second thought, that might be kinda cool. Just no Free Bird!

So respond to this message now at http://www.titofelix.com. And make sure you leave an email address so we can get back to you?so we can send you some free titofelix pins for requesting. Even if we don't play your stuff, we'll still send pins as long as supplies last!


So get those requests in, and let's get to the meat of why we all love those titotunes! See you online!


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Life defines our creatvity. Music allows us to share it with you. And though we⿿ve been in absentia as of late does not mean we⿿ve been over. We⿿re living life, and there is much more music to be created⿦

More details to come⿦

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Go Retro with the titoboys...

Well, not TOO retro...

Just letting you know that after years of requests for titotunes to be available in digital format, your paborite band is now among the many musical faces you can find on iTunes, Rhapsody, and other online stores!

Our 2004 release, Character Flaw, is now available at the following retailers:

Sony Connect

All your favorites are there ⿿ Nice and Slow, Mixed Messages, Import Racing Girl, Been Around the World... If you missed your chance to pick it up when it was originally released or even at one of our shows, well, now's your chance! CDs are also still available at CD Baby and BrownJungle as well.

As always, thanks for your continued support. We love making music, and we look forward to adding even more to our online discography for you to enjoy. If you get the chance, hit up iTunes and post a review of Character Flaw. We'd really appreciate it!

Hope to see everyone soon!
Marc, PJ, Rob and BabyJay

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Transitioning on MySpace and Bodog Update...

Hey titofeliacs! Just wanted to hit you up real quick about our MySpace page. It has been acting kind of screwy for a while, so we have created a new MySpace page and are slowly trying to transition out of our old page...eventually deleting that one. So if you are already our MySpace friend, or would like to be, head to this URL instead to add us: http://www.myspace.com/titofelixmusic.

In other quick news, we are currently in 2nd place for the Atlanta "Earn Your Stripes" leg of the Bodog Battle to End All Battles contest. We need your help to get back to first in the running, so if you can give your support, that would be awesome. Just sign up as a fan at http://www.bodogbattle.com, then find titofelix and vote for us. It's one vote per day per band until September 30, so if you can help us out by visiting the site once a day and voting for us, you all would be even more awesome!

Thanks again! Hope you're enjoying the music, there's more to come soon!

Marc, PJ, Rob and BabyJay

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Is your paborite band worth $1,000,000? Calvun Ayre thinks they just might be...

..Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Who is Calvin Ayre? Self-made billionaire, philanthropist and founder of Bodog Entertainment. And Bodog Music, the music label division of Bodog Entertainment, is kicking off their 2007 Bodog Battle To End All Battles, which we have just entered.

"Prepare for battle!" they warned us. And now we have an amazing opportunity that grants one deserving unsigned band the chance to get signed and be heard on an international level, but we need your help!

At stake: a $1,000,000 recording agreement with Bodog Music which includes international distribution, touring, promotion and marketing for the winning band. But to get there is going to be a crazy journey with all the bands that are poised to take part, and it's a long process and a lot of hard work to decide the winner. Unlike last year's competition which was solely US-based, the invite has been extended to Canada and Europe, so that increases the playing field even more.

And that's where you, our faithful titofeliacs and your friends around the world, come into play and make the difference. We are at the "Earn Your Stripes" phase, so what we are asking you to do is sign up as a fan on BodogBattle.com, then go to our page and vote for us (We entered Anak as our track). Each fan can vote once per day per band, so if all of us make it a point to visit the site once per day and vote, and also get all our friends to the site to vote, then we just might be good to make it to the next round, which would be a live band audition for the judges here in Atlanta!

So please help us out by voting and by spreading the word. We'd really appreciate anything you can do, and who knows, the next big thing to come from Bodog Music could be your paborite titoboys!

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Male, 35, Fair Lawn, NJ


Salamat for officially bein an Inspiration! <3


Male, Age Private, Ireland


Wow I like Pinoy rock from the Philippines,but you're the first Filipino-American rock band I've ever heard of and you don't disappoint! Great music guys & I hope that you stop by NorCal sometime in the near future.


Male, 30, Sugar Land, TX


haha im loving that track anak. you guys are dope! keep up the good work!


Male, Age Private, Oceanside, CA


you guys rock man, much flip love


Female, 28, North York, ON


Love your music. :D
I even downloaded the album. Haha.
Hope you guys become famous as hell.
Represent the filipinos! ♥


Female, 27, Schofield, WI


I Love the music!


Female, 34, Saint Paul, MN


love the music!


Female, Age Private, New York, NY


Great to find you on AsianAve.com! Keep up the great work! Love your stuff.