"humble beatmaker tryin to perfect the craft"

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    October 17, 2007

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    Irvine, CA

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    Asian American, Hip Hop/Rap

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    2pac, 9th wonder, common, dr dre, gangstar, hi-tek, jayz, jdilla (RIP), little brother, mf doom, mos def and talib kweli (blackstar) murs, pete rock, smokey robinson...anything motown., stevie wonder, the roots, then some of that old school stuff...marvin gaye, tribe called quest

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    http://www.myspace.com/ddot37, http://www.myspace.com/itisembedded


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wsup peoples! get to know me. im danny aka ddot aka eardrumzz. i am just another humble beatmaker trying to perfect my art. i am 1/2 of the duo and beatmaker for Embedded. ( www.myspace.com/itisembedded ) i got into making beats about 1.5 years ago. Prior to that, i played the drums in high school. i started out with the Fruity Loops program to get my feet wet. i realized i needed a drum machine so i went out and got myself a good ol MPC. check it out. if you like it, go ahead and add it to your page. show me some love while your at it. drop a message. other than that, thanks for stopping by.




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Female, 36, Irvine, CA


wow your beat is awesome!