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I'm here to find the "ONE TRUE LOVE" by serving our Lord and Savior, JESUS... My philosophy is simple... "IN GOD, WE TRUST" ...used 2 reside in Beverly Hills 1/4 Korean + 1/4 Canadian & 1/4 American & more ~.~ proud to be a son of Republic of Korean Marine Corps... my Effective Listening Skill in talking 2 people with FAITH in their lives have inspired me to become a true Roman Catholic 4 past 27 years!!!! The way I see it is, why 'act' a certain way to someone when really you're cheating yourself. Be nice, smile and just live your life to its fullest; in other words, don't make it more difficult for yourself. I'm not saying you should put all your walls down and let anyone in; who said you'll lose anything by being positive? Those who are close to me say I'm too nice at times, so I'm beginning to re-think that's just the way I'm & who I am. I'm at the age where I have an idea of what I want in life and I'm almost sure of it. I'm definitely not your average man. At the age of my prime years, I'm what you would call an old soul, or old-fashioned if you will. My outlook in life is focused more on who I want to be as an individual in this world, other than what I want to become in 5 years. Luckily, I've experienced love once in my life and let me tell you, love sure does make you do crazy things. I'm a sincere, faithful, & an honest MAN. My pride goes beyond the skies limits, and sometimes it gets me in trouble. I think I'm a pretty humble person or I at least try to be. To get 2 know me U will have to understand my deepest thoughts. I'm a happy go lucky person and I'm rarely in a bad mood, however, if I'm ever in a bad mood, you'll be able to tell right away because I'm not good at hiding it. I'm probably the biggest or one of the biggest hopeless romantics out there. Optimism takes up about 90% of my personality. I love to help people and hopefully sometime in the near future I'll be able to go overseas and help those that are less fortunate. I have a strong faith in living for Our Lord and Savior and living in His name, even if it gets tough. Life isn't that hard, it's what you make of it. I know I have a lot more to learn in life and I've never been more ecstatic to see what the future holds for me! Being that way I am a hopeless romantic, I absolutely cannot wait til I find 'the one', ...I interested in a career orientated ladies that are more sincere & sensible than me and I expect nothing from them I just hope that whoever U are... JUST PLEASE BE A WARM-HEARTED LOVING SOUL!!