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My blog isn't here...

Posted May 24th, 2007 at 08:06pm

...It's there.

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QUIRKY and incorrigibly SCATTY British-born mixed-Asian (Concoction of Peranakan and Thai, although the language aspect of my Eastern heritage is completely lost on me, much to my parents' chagrin) Exhibitionist, full-time Wife / Mother, and sometime MODEL / WRITER / DESIGNER, currently based in Lancashire, UK...A bit of a GEEK-CHICK, and definitely a MAD COW (Mooo! Kekeke...No kidding, I suffer from's the Personality Disorder, not Bi-Polar), with the ability to spew absolute CRAP at times, absence of alcohol notwithstanding. Still, all hope is not lost...Have been known to engage in WITTY and intelligent conversation, even with creatures possessing less than four legs. Also affectionately nicknamed Li'l Firecracker, Babbie Wasabie, or Lille Eskimit (reason is obvious in one of my pics...Yeap! That's me in that ESKIMO coat as usual!) by some, on account of size (I`m very PETITE, about 5'2'' / 5.5 St / 32AA-22-33 in case you're a PHOTOGRAPHER) and er...other character attributes best not mentioned (particularly those that are highly VOLATILE). However, 'Charme' will get you a better response...

Click for a bit of cheekiness!

Proud MOTHER of a gorgeous Eurasian little girl by the name of Oracle Zhouyi (pronounced 'Joey'), who's now 6, and BELOVED of David Gregory! You're quite welcome to join the madness at my CYBER RESIDENCE - - where you'll probably end up with a Single to BEDLAM (Once in awhile, the contributors run amok, but our psychotic displays are usually short-lived. Oh dear, that was hardly a big selling point, was it?)...You'll also have to be aged 16 or above as it contains some NUDITY and blogs of CONTROVERSIAL nature...So get your rodent clicking. Go on...I DARE YOU TO!!!

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>>>Join Lyondra Eun in the MMORPG Second Life<<< morphing into my alter-ego...
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Would love to meet individuals from all backgrounds, preferably female, preferably around my age, and most definitely someone with CUTTING-EDGE flair (Yeah, you'll have to be 'edgy' enough to rival all 147 corners of the Nurburgring! So nerr!!! :-p )...I'm just out for honest FRIENDSHIP. Take note: I'm in a HAPPY long-term relationship, and have absolutely no interest in any romantic or sexual encounters (unless it involves no one else but my other half). Thus, I will not appreciate being chatted up by ego-harvesting, braincell-deficient primates. It makes no difference to me whether you are male or female...Any pathetic flirting ventures will receive the full blast of my verbal REBUKE and trust me, my substantial literary ammunition is most DEFINITELY a force to be reckoned with...However, if you do not fit in the above-mentioned category of inbred wankers, I'll be happy to chew on any bytes you send my way...*Cheeky Grin* Oh, and please sign my GUESTBOOK at my CYBER RESIDENCE, 'k? Ta vewy mooch!

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