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12/25 2000

Posted December 25th, 2000 at 06:56pm

It`s that time of the year already, huh?? Christmas is upon us! Weren`t we all just worrying about Y2K a couple months ago? Well, there's lots going on right now, and all I fhese other things to instead... This past weekend, I had a big essay to write, and just as I sat down to begin writing, I'm like "Oh, I need to go tighten the screws in the glove box in my car!" Then later, when I try to start again, it's like "Whoops... gotta label my Minidiscs so I don't get them mixed up..." or "Oh, hey, I need to write back to all of those people who's emails are piled up in my inbox!" I seem to do EVERYTHING EXCEPT for what`s most important (such as a 4 page essay that`s due in about than 16 hours).

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