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Posted June 19th, 2007 at 04:15am

and I miss him so much even though i tried really hard to prevent this i told him again and again to stop talking to me to stop seeing me that way i don't have to bare with an excruciating pain right now i haven't seen him in a really long time and i really miss him right now because it feels like there is a possibility that i may never see him i don't know whether or not he even misses me as much as i do to him it makes me feel so insecure and so so.... not me? i'm losing it i need to stay grounded some how i'm not even sure what i am "supposed to do" i feel like such a bopper it's just a guy he's not supposed to be important to me i am not supposed to think of him i am not supposed to miss him a lot but i do A LOT A LOT A LOT i miss him a lot.

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