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We have more information about our BMW ad.

Posted June 25th, 2007 at 05:10pm

Many of our members have really cool personal pages that are designed using HTML and CSS which are a series of commands to tell the computer what your page should look like.

The commands are in the form of a link and the code contained in the link tells the computer where to go to get an image or a background. So for example- a link might tell the site to go to another website to pull a twinkling rose and place it on your personal page.

The spammers found a way to put a link into some of our member's personal pages which caused the pages to redirect to the ad for the BMW ad.

Dan, one of our lead software developers, figured this out and was able to remove this bad code from all infected pages. Thank you, Dan!

This spammer activity is illegal and we are not taking this lying down!!!

We hate spam as much as you do because we can't stand any activity that prevents our members from having a positive site experience.

Our lawyers are in the process of gathering information about these spammers are we are taking action to prevent this from occurring again.

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Female, 28, Manitowoc, WI


i would say that the personal page arnt interesting because its just look like myspace and bebo or any other look the same... i like the old persoanl page because its better to create own layouts designers.

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