End of school coming up!

Posted April 18th, 2008 at 04:28am

Sorry, I didn't come up with a creative title. I'm a little bit bored after trying to figure out certain things that are going on in my life, such as a move that I have to make in one and half week, The trip to Europe subsequently after, and there's always finals that are coming up in, oh, same time span. It's definitely going to be an interesting 10 days...

I just ordered a new lens that I plan on using my trip, so I am excited. (Nothing gets me excited more than shopping...am I really straight? I wonder..) Also, I just bought this cool ring from UK that I have been rocking lately. It's a Vivienne Westwood, which people in US probably haven't heard of since they don't sell it here. I prefer British designers in general over French or Italian, with two favorite being Paul Smith and Vivienne Westwood. (which again begs the question, am I really straight?)

Tomorrow's going to be rather exciting as well, since Hilary Clinton is coming to visit and I managed to score reserve seating. I am guessing I get to sit in the front and might possibly get to ask a question or two. So, I boned up on her stance on the issues since I don't want to sound like a retard. Anyway, let's just hope I don't ask questions like "Why aren't you dropping out of the race? The Republicans might win again at this rate and I must do everything to prevent that!" But seriously, I do prefer Clinton because I am a liberal. That's why it's kinda amusing when one of Obama's slogan is that we don't want the repeat of the past. As I remember, the Clinton era was pretty damn good and I wouldn't mind going back if it is half as successful as the past. Maybe I'll have a different opinion of him if I heard him speak in person, but to me, his "what" is good but his "how" still needs lot of planning.

I had a chance to see John Edwards when he came to WFU as well. (him being from NC and all) Nice guy, but he didn't really have a grasp of all the issues. Anyway, I'll write a bit about the visit after tomorrow. At least, I'll take some pictures if I don't get to ask any questions so be ready for that.

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