Being Thankful...

Posted April 29th, 2008 at 10:59pm

I am so blessed to have a very supportive and wonderful family who keeps me HAPPY all the time. I am so greatful for having some faithful and respectable friends who accept me for what I am and who i am. Lastly, I'm so thankful to have a promising career that keeps me financially stable in the future..

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Male, Age Private, Torrance, CA


you are such a PAIN sometimes.. you are mean to me all the time..
but our friendship grows everytime we argue.. I accept you of what you are and who you are.. I expect you G not to let go of our friendship no matter what. As we say each other, WE BOTH LIKE CHALLENGES"

we are bestfriends for life..


Female, Age Private, Oakland, CA


I like the fact that you are grateful for what present in your life while others take what they have for granted! You can grow as far as you like in your career as long as you keep that attitude. I wish you the best that life has to offer. Enjoy your life!

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