Posted May 17th, 2008 at 10:43am

Time seems to be endlesly flowing forward, while yet it seems i am still stuck in the past ever unmoving. could it be that i am chained by these memories with all their lamentations and delights they hold of you. why does it seem that i am constantly vexed with them? are they a chain that is set in place that prohibits me and that which sets me as though to a stone; thus, keeping me ever unmoving towards the future. it plagues my soul that you are still here in my life yet at the same time you are so far from my grasp. its true though that i cannot let you go but then again i am powerless to keep you by my side. what can i do when my voice falls upon your deaf ears? my emotions nothing more than whispers in the wind or a painting being viewed by a blindman as though to never be appreciated. but for now i will stay here in the shadows waiting in the solitude that is awaiting me at your side. i want to be with you for as long as i can and one day i pray that you hear my words. and that my emotions will be visible to your heart. until then i will wait in my everlasting darkness, here with my memories of you.

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