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AsianAve Video and Blog Features!

Posted May 14th, 2007 at 04:30am

AsianAve.com launched the video upload and blog features. I'm thrilled, but I have trouble uploading my video files, so I am now testing out this blog tool. I'll mess around with the video upload feature to get it right, but so far my browser keeps crashing when I try to upload.

How about everyone else?

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Male, 39, Yonkers, NY


Hey Jason,

What type of problems are you running into with Videos?



Female, Age Private, New York, NY


Hello Tom,

Can you tell exactly what steps you were taking to upload and what errors if any you are getting?

1. WHat browser are you using?
2. How large is the video file you are uploading?

This info would be helpful in troublshooting.


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