Nothin special,just something I thought of and worte down!

Posted May 29th, 2008 at 12:15pm

Most Sorrows are hardly the same and most are not easy to contain, as for My Sorrows they are permanent like a irremoveable stain and no matter what I try.They shall always reamain, why was I cursed with such pain? Cause my life is getting harder for me to sustain, What caused this un deniable grief? A Love I thought would never bring me to this belief, even though I show no signs of it on my distinguished face How is this,You ask?Knowing I have my Father's Uconditional Love and saving Grace, And for a Family which I would never replace My Love for them I hold in a forgotten place, So how does My Sorrow still come to exist? Because,Unconditional Love, I still foolishly persist, So why persue this Unconditional Love I dare to apprehend? Even My Sorrow needs a friend,not a phony willing to pretend, As everyone is created equal,especially men but to My Sorrows I am sadly condemned, So with this little note I hide My Sorrows from everyone cuz this evil curse I'd wish upon no one, So dont take life for granted and enjoy it and as for me ,hopefully one day My Sorrows will finally become undone! The End.

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