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Posted July 05th, 2007 at 08:39pm

Hi this is Mara Mercado. I'm here currently at my school waiting for my counsellor and hell yeah i'm waiting for him/her coz i need my grades photocopied and all that stuff. So while i'm waiting, shouldn't have I had a go with the school's computer which is for a jobsearch really and I haven't been doing one. In fact, I have an appointment with my new councellor . The old one retired. Yup I don't know i'm waiting for him in the meeting.. and i' m still here waiting.. Duh... so been camping and as for me that was a holiday 3 days ago.. and it was raining. Then there's rainbows and you should have seen it.. it's really pretty. Anways I survied the camping with no mosquitoe bites... eek... my sister's friends and her and ev eryone has it. haha. they brought off with them but i guess ti doesn't work. ahha I guess long sleeved jackets and pants do me good and i slept well while everyone didn't. oh yeah i had a pretty much wonderful time.. YOu get to know people. haha even though they didn't introduced them to you it kinda just ahppened. I mean meeting new people and friends. ha .. I'm good eh. anyone.. if anyone has facebook they can add me there

crushed_innosence@hotmail.com... it's the same as my main email and msn... anyways i'll edit this th ing ... i'm not happy with my post..

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