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Posted July 08th, 2007 at 09:14am

Because I Love You:

I don`t want you to feel insecure about our relationship. I will not cross certain lines or boundaries because I respect our relationship. I respect myself...I respect you.
I will support you in everything you want to do as I know you want to be successful in your endeavours.
I will be honest and truthful to you. No secrets. I want to grow WITH you, not against you.
I will not let you go to bed angry because what hurts you, hurts me.
I will not take you for granted.

And I`m sorry you had to get me this way.
Bruised, battered and scarred from all the loves found and lost.
I`m sorry that you had to have me angry as I am at all the betrayals in my past. I`m sorry that you had to have me frustrated from all the wrong decisions I`ve made selfishly and because of those decisions I have become what I am today.

I'm still here...because you're here with me. I love you.

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