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Posted July 15th, 2007 at 10:23pm

I work at ground 0 for now in New york and for those of you who dont know what I mean, Im talking about 9/11. I stand at posts and let workers in and out of the gates. Yeah it gets borring at times but It can be kinda kool watching thoes big machines working. It can be a bit noisey at times and dusty too.

Just like every job it has its ups and downs. There are a couple of people who I cant stand to work with but I deal with it. Like this morning, this new lady who comes in at 6 am pissed me off today, I wanted to hurt her bad when I asked her why she was late getting to post. she said, we dont have relief on time, so shut up! ( which is not our fault because there is another shift of people comming in after them and before us). I told her to keep walking before I kick her to the next gate.

anyway, more later....

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Male, 38, Brooklyn, NY


Hi mommy bear,

Thank you for the baby bear. I love it. By the way, did you know that you spelled "boring, those, and noisy" wrong? I know, I'm only busting your chops. anyway, I miss you mommy.

Warren ^_^


Male, 28, Bronx, NY


i know wut u mean and thats so true. i have a job similer 2 u.


Female, Age Private, Bronx, NY


lol I just now noticed you sent me this comment. Now I can bust your chops at home hehehehehehe
Love you,
Baby bear

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