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Posted May 20th, 2007 at 04:31am

What do you guys think of animes/mangas that have been made into live action series/movies? Do you wish they'd stuck to the original story or are you satisfied with the different plots? I think that it's weird that other countries use stories from other countries instead of producing it on their own, though I doubt fans care where it's coming from...til they see it anyways. Any thoughts?

You can correct me if I'm wrong but from the information I've read here and there, I think this is about right...

Produced by another country:
Marmalade Boy (Taiwan?)
Devil Beside You (Taiwan?)
Mars (Taiwan?)
Initial D (China/HK?)

Produced by country of origin:
NANA (Japan)
Death Note (Japan)
Goong/Princess Hours (S. Korea)

I originally posted this in the forums here:

I only got one response so far and well I'll ask here just in case more people will read it lol.

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Male, 38, Santa Maria, CA


I wanted to write my own name in a death note after watching Death Note live action. omg *puke*


Male, 37, Netherlands


Well the only live action I liked was GTO/hana yori dango(japanese and taiwanese) which followed the storyline quite accurate. But most of the movies which are made sucks donkey B@LL.
Live actions that sucks:
-Initial D- the cast are Hk/taiwanese/Japanese, they speak canto, the background music sucks, the only good thing were the cars and location. This movie was a huge disappointment as a fan of ID.
-Death Note - well the last poster said enough.
-Cashern - Great trailer, but that's it.

And remakes of asian movies by Hollywood all sucked.
Well that's for now ;)


Male, Age Private, San Jose, CA


"Oldboy." Wicked. It totally turned my head, and set a new standard for me w/r/t how well a manga title can translate onto film. Park Chan-wook films aren't always easy to watch, but they are insanely good.


Male, 37, Alhambra, CA


Wow, I didn't know Oldboy was from a manga. The Gto conversion from an anime to a movie, was uh, let's just say i didn't like the movie. I just recently watched the live series and it did well, but not as good as the anime. Good actor though...As for the Initial D, saw the movie preview, and I will not watch it.


Male, 32, New York, NY


hi personally i think they should leave the live action alone or if they do base it off the characteristics of the show then the actual of now there working on dragonball z o thats like the quiet before the storm...atleast try advent children format first i prefer that or make a new series


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