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A Scientist's Miracle

Posted May 14th, 2007 at 04:33pm

Sometimes when I doubt God, I try to remember an amazing work of God that cannot be explained by coincidence. A miracle I often recall is one I heard this apologist (a defender of Chrisitianity), Finny Kuruvilla, share at one of his lectures.

By the world's standards, Finny is an intellectual giant. He received a Md-Phd from Harvard, a Masters from MIT, and graduated from Caltech. Many believe that true intellectuals would not even consider faith as a reasonable world view. But here is a product of the most prestigious American universities, a true scientist, and a physician...and he believes in God.

Finny's faith is not blind; God also makes sense to him.

"One of the differences of Christianity is that it invites people to test it, because it teaches that religion is more than a emotional choice -- it is a choice of our mind and heart that can be explored and scrutinized," he says on his website.

His miracle concerns his father's vision of starting a bible college in India. God showed young Finny (at that time a Junior Highschool student) a scaled model of the bible college that just didn't make sense. They had asked an Austrian architect to design the proposed bible school. He built a model of the building on a natural landscape and he placed a mountain in the right corner.

The weird thing was that the mountain had perpendicular steps leading to it's top -- quite peculiar. Why would this Austrian architect put this unnatural mountain in the corner? This was only a vision of things to come. Please read about the miracle in Finny's own words at his website: My personal experience with Christianity

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