Missing You

Posted July 26th, 2007 at 03:07am


as time passes by, the brick is still broken un fixed.
the bridge is still broken. still unfixed.
i try to work it out. i try to talk it over.
but it just gets you pissed off.
so i try to forget let it pass act like it didn't happen.
we're happy. it worked!
but inside im crushed. lost.
doing everything as much as i can to help it. change it.
you don't want it., what am i doing wrong.
mob koj lub siab los yeej mob kuv lub thiab.
cob koj lub siab los, yeej cob kuv lub siab thiab.
the picture you drew me?
it's up on my wall. =)
Yes! a heart and wings.
"to my love and my angel"
soOoOO gay the drawing was gay my sis says.
the heart you drew it so perfect. lol the wings??? the left side is bigger then the right one. lol
oh and the flower. its on my wall too. right by your card.
oh hunny bunny. im so sorry in always late on everything. just that i can't drive
myself where ever i wanna go.
honestly. i would be so freakin happy if you do get acceted!! omg! =)
but i worry so much....,
how are you gonna eat? what are you gonna eat?
how are you gonna work? and pay for the bills? you know, when
school is so much! makes me just wanna be there with you.
but i told myself i have to beat everyone first! love being the last one standing
and i work hard to get there.
lay there with you. watch and hear your gayy %#&@$! snore! lol jk you don't snore
but when you do. even when your freaking drunk. tried as f! lol
i just sit and watch you. i could do that for hours!
when i do lay with you. i would make funny faces to you.
cause you just stare at me.. errrr dude that not comfortable. lol
having someone staring at me lol.
hah, you would stick your tongue right back at me too. lol FAGG!
love it when i fight with you. i be kickin' your %#&@$!.
you would laugh your ass off. which is my power. i make you laugh
so i can kick ur ass. ...,
OHH. i love it when you just act as yourself.
i'd say thats the thing that i love the most. your so smart. smarter then me!
but i think more then you do! lol (*how is that>>.???) lol
how you was tryin to tell me and my sister how to play card games
(*rawwrr soOoO hottt) trip T =DDD hehe.
do you ever think about that day how it just wouldn't stop raining???!!
right when we got out of pinki's house. it stopped. then when we got to my house
(*still in the car i stopped) then right when me and you got out. it started raining again.
so funny we had to get right back in the car. lol right when my last feet landed the ground
it was raining bad again. gosh sounds so good to be true but ....IT ACTUALLY REALLY HAPPEN!
chuckles. so many things happened that day! NOT SEX THOUGH YOU DIRTY BASTARDS!
lol kiss in the rain. ur freakin gay wind sheild wippers. pinki's house fun fun.
card games. coney island. kfc!....*lol
shooo waited for ever and all we got was some chicken lol
you make me soOoOoOOoO happy! gosh i think i've never been this happy ever
and the craziest things never happen like this too lol
(*not a christian but..) thank you god! -=))) thats for makin it rain lol which almost killed us cause
the freakin wind sheild wipers didn't work but it's okay. we made it home safely! =DDD

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