A White Girl I Know Sucks!

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A White Girl I know Sucks!

Posted August 15th, 2007 at 06:09am

No pretext here..Immaa get right into this one.. I broke all my rules for this girl, lowered my shields, canceled my game plan, disbanded my harem of trophy women, sacrificed time, went that extra mile, lead with emotion instead of cold logic.. bad move.

You see..I've learned long ago that obviously attractive women that enjoy attention do not like nice guys, no duh right?

So I have learned to play "The Game" to a mother-f'kin tee. I've had 99.9% success with it thus far. But there's only one flaw to this system, true love can never be born this way. A logical, self aware guy cannot convince himself that love built upon games and deception would yield "true love". I am that "guy".

For the sake of giving her an identity, we'll call her "T.H." from here on out. I mulled it over and I decided that I won't get into the specifics of our interactions. Suffice it to say we got real close, real fast..did the whole talk-until-the-Sun-came-up thing. Didn't hold ourselves back, threw caution to the wind, connected.

I should have read the signs, after that night of kismet, my BS radar was still going off, simply put..she was still playing games. I made the blunder of not putting on my gear and matching her move for move, instead I ended up giving her too much ground. I fought for it too hard and too fast, and got burned.

Honestly, I hold no ill will towards her, she was only playing games shes been use to.. Don't ever blame the girl, blame yourself.

Wait-a-minute..In retrospect, I couldn't really blame myself either, she was in fact a great gal. She wasn't the average breath-taking, pretty white girl, she had a lot of heart to her. I consider my people reading skills are of high caliber, and truly felt she was potential.

Throw on top of that a few serendipitous moments we shared.. It was the perfect storm..ha ha.

All in all, it took me about 2 weeks to to start moving on with my life, with my priorities, my %#&@$!. I think 2 weeks isn't bad..so now I have a stronger resolve to reinsert my game, start building another harem(ho-train), no more sensitive bull%#&@$!. I'm working on a new book, driven by the will to turn as much table around on the women out there and teaching guys to do the same .

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Female, Age Private, Sacramento, CA


You are a great writer. =) I enjoyed.


Female, 37, Fresno, CA


wow...this really happen to u ehh??hopefully all man who read this should noe that u can't always play around in a relationship cux wen u do fall and have that connection wid that someone u don't want them to slip right under ur hand..welp hope all is welp..


Female, Age Private, San Diego, CA


wow, i loved reading this... i think at some point in our lives, we all let our guards down and fall in love with the person who we think we're gonna spend the rest of our life with only to be let down and left "heart broken". and with some of us it will take more than a couple tries until we finally settle down and find our true love... one of the most hardest things in life is having someone play with your emotions... i hope everything works out for you. take care!


Female, 39, Vienna, VA


i liked what u wrote here~ interesting! well, we all get hurt at some point and learn from mistakes....stay strong!


Female, 32, Mount Holly, NC


i really enjoyed reading this passage, so so true. its like the story of the boy who cried wolf... you play and spit the same games to all these ladies/fellas but then when you really do find that "ONE" who you believed is potential and worth getting to know, they will do to you what you did to the ladies before her. that's really always the case, so why play games in the beginning? hoping all turned out good for you...


Female, 37, Santa Ana, CA


I'm sorry this girl did you wrong and I can certainly understand why you would go back to your old ways because of hurt feelings, but I feel sorry for the nice girl you will meet one day whom you will add to your ho-train.

Then, that nice girl will feel the pain and will start playing games, further propagating the cycle of games.


Female, 29, Elk Grove, CA


even though this is hella late, but yeah... did you learn how to play the game yet? lol. jk jk.


Female, 29, San Francisco, CA


I'm so sorry to hear that.....It sounds like almost EXACTLY what I am going through right now...:( Ironically, with a guy from San Jose. Hahahaha....

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