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Building an Arbor Part 1

Posted April 29th, 2007 at 09:02pm

My latest project is building an arbor for my mom's garden. That was after we install a oversize cedar shed, so now she wants an arbor. OK so we plan to do a 15' x 5' x '7' arbor with four post. We got weather treated wood at the local Home Depot which is across the island. We have a closer Home Depot but it's a stupid mini one which has limited selections. I don't understand the point in having one then. So we buy two 16ft 2x6, one 12ft 2x6 and we have to drive it across the island on top of a minivan. Just so you realize a minvan is like only 9-10ft long. So the wood is overhanging in the back and in the front. We tying down the wood and pray that we make it home without any damages. Every single pothole made the planks of wood flooped in the wind. I was going so slow and cars were giving me a wide spacing but we daring enough to go around me on one lane streets. All while we were hoping none of the wood would slide crashing into another car's window or trunk. We make it back to the house safe and unload, leaving us another day to paint, dig the holes and cement the posts.

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Male, 36, Honolulu, HI


Thanks for letting me know about your posts. Enjoyed reading them! :) Keep me posted on how things are going. Hope all goes well with the process of remodeling, renovating and/or moving into a new place. :P Sounds refreshing!

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