Posted May 23rd, 2007 at 05:49am

What would be considered cheating?

Fondling someone else?


Oral sex?

Mutual masturbation?

Cyber sex?

Sharing intimate thoughts?

Lets define "cheating". The dictionary defines it as "not faithful to a spouse or lover". That gives you a general idea of what cheating means. But you would also have to look up "faithful" which is defined as "steadfast in affection or allegiance to someone".

Personally for me, it makes more sense to say that cheating is going outside your relationship to meet a sexual need that should be met within your committed relationship. Okay lets move on with our analysis.

Everyone would agree that haveing intercourse with someone else other than your significant other is cheating, correct? The answer should be a definite YESS!

What about oral sex? Thanks to President Clinton, we have been told that a blow job from an intern is not cheating on your spouse. F***** BS! It is cheating!!! It doesn't matter if you are GIVING OR RECEIVING!. Oral sex is a sexual act and I would consider it cheating!

I have heard people say that kissing and mutual masturbation isn't cheating on your spouse either because you didn't actually have intercourse. Again, that is bs! If it isn't such a big deal then tell your significant other all about it and see what happens....

What about cyber sex? I would think that it would also fall under the category of cheating somewhat even though you werent with them physically. You are saying things like "I want to DO you so hard" etc... It is a really short step from cybering with someone to getting a phone number to actually hooking up for the real thing. Its hard to resist temptation or a fantasy.

Is this what we have become? A bunch of cheaters? Why do we continue to lower the bar or expectation and degrade ourselves in order to fulfill some selfish (shi...its selfish no matter how you look at it) desire that we could logically have at home if only we opened up our fucking ears long enough to listen and then be heard.

Seriously, people will give lame a** excuses on why they cheated on their significant other, when in reality there is no excuse other than you lacked the moral strength to do what was right. People like to water down the definition of cheating, only because they did one of the above and want to feel better about it.

Problems inside a relationship can be fixed, but you will not do it by going outside and turning to someone else. If the problem cannot be fixed, THEN END THE RELATIONSHIP! Do not go out and cheat on them, only to further insult their intelligence by saying that what you did wasn't cheating, when you know in your heart that it was.

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Female, 29, North York, ON


I totally agree with this whole thing. Cheating is cheating.. just don't do it!


Female, Age Private, Markham, ON


I agree with you. Not interested, end it!

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