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Posted August 22nd, 2007 at 01:27am

So this is my first blog. Your gonna hear me complain and bitch about my life here, but I will try to make it as entertaining as I can. Don't expect much other than bad gramme, spelling, and bitching.

So, today I spent another uneventfull day as a 14T in the us army. A 14T is a pariot systems operator/maintainer. The patriot system is an air defence system. Basicaly I "work" the equipment that shots down missles, airplanes, and british jets. Lucky I have been asined to a detail (a specific job that may or may not have something to do with my job) where I sit around and do nothing. Most people would love this, but I like doing my job.

Well its not really my job. My MOS ( millitary ocupational standard) is 14T but thats not what my job is. I am a system maintaner. Basicaly I make shure ALL the equipment in my unit works, and if it dosn't I fix it. My job is takeing stuff apart and fixing it. I love doing that, but this detail has me sitting around doing nothing. Nothing in the hot (105F) sun. I woldn't mind acualy working in the sun, If I was accualy doing work.

Well after that I came home took a cold bath, had icecream, and proceded to relax. Until my best friend/ room mate came home. His name is aaron. He's a paraniod hypocondriac SOB, bu he's my brother. Right now hes trying to mary an indian girl he is madly in love with over the internet. I really hope it works out for him. He's been through so much and really deserves this girl.

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