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Posted September 11th, 2007 at 08:33pm

-"I dont think I`ll ever be ready to love again.....i fall to fast..i hold on too long...and the truth is...i never actually let go.... so mend this broken heart of mine....cuzz without escape is an endless road to nowhere....."
-"I believe in you and me because for everytime i see you smile, it gives me a hundrend more reason on why i wanna be with you"
-"i didnt believe in love until the day i met you, because you give me a reason to smile again...=)"
-"i dont believe in promises because they hurt too much when their broken....i dont believe in goodbyes because the heart truely doesnt let go....but i believe in you and me because thats all i`ve ever dreamed about.."
-"i learned that love isnt about recieving, because in order to love, you have to give to truely recieve"
-"when you fall for someone, don't hope for the worst or the best because anything can happen...just hope that you`ll be together the next day...cuzz being with each other a moment at a time, means the most"
-"i remember when i was lost and i didnt know what i would ever do without you...but as the days moved on....and as the memories faded away...i realized that you were made only from the past and now i have to move on..."
-"although we may not see each other often, or even have time to spend together....for every moment with you is like seconds because i can truely never have enough time with u..."
"i dont hold onto past memories because they get me teary eyed....i dont hold onto things that were made to be broken.....thats why, when i tell you how much i wanna be with you...i mean it because lying to you is like breaking my own heart.."
when i... when i hold onto my pillow at night, will you know how much i truely miss you? When i stare into the stars in the night, will you know what i would do just to see you smile again?
when i remember the way you felt in my arms, will you remember my smile on my face. when the night dies down and the moon is shining at my window, will you know how much i still love you...
im not also with you.. bind our feelings, united in two.. lost in deep surrender.. giving in, falling to lend her.. my entire heart that i may give.. knowin the risk of a heartache, yet i`ll still live.. raising my hope as beats of the heart arise.. hoping to see her close to me, with each day of my life.. pressing forward, to spend moments with her when she`s by my side.. realizing the love i have, deep down inside.. whether this love lasts, or fades away.... as the wind blows from a distance...memories of her...will be engraved in my heart....from each and everyday..

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Female, 25, Thiensville, WI


Is this a poem....cause after reading I heart aching...meaning I like this poem or's so sad my heart was crying....meaning I like it so heart you really wrote this???.....cause if you did it's wonderful.....I LOVE IT!!!!....<3.....=)

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