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Its funny how things continuously turn out the same way, and yet i am vulnerable enough to fall in the same trap - to think that once wasnt enough already. "Enough is enough"; so why do i still find myself putting up with this nonsense? Behind every negative, there is alwayz a positive. "Dont spend precious life time sobbing in misery, when your worth more than that", is what i tell myself, "noone can conquer over you, for as long as you stand your ground." For me, to find happiness is like traveling miles and miles along the rainbow until i find that pot of gold; i've been patient, yet i still havent come near. "Extend your horizons, there is more to life than just the surface ..."; i forget that sometimes, but it alwayz comes back to me. Karma came into mind lately, and im not one to "believe" in such thing - until now. I've concluded that it's amazing how one can develope into someone "different" oppose to being "all the same".

My days, ... are feeling much better; i finaly see some sunshine beaming through those dark clouds. :)

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Male, Age Private, Toronto, ON


I just finished reading your blog entry titled "Changes" - and how true it is what you say - how easily we can often fall under the same trap(s) over and over again. But I also sense in your entry that you are slowly coming into realization that you can change such bad patterns with positive attitude so that you won't fall under these same trap(s) again - as they say out there, if you keep a positive frame of mind and try to learn a lesson or two towards everything bad that happens to you, then your life will certainly turn into a more fullfiling one in the end. Throughout my life, I've learned that my sunny days directly correspond to such an approach to life - the power of positive thinking is real, it's powerful. So keep up with your newfound strength and above all, the new positive outlook which will surely make your future days much brighter than your past ones.


Male, 37, Clarksville, TN

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Male, 41, San Diego, CA


I hope to find that sunshine in my life once again. Reading changes reminds me that there is hope if only I believe that there is hope. Ty for the read!

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