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How to Apply Nail Polish Perfectly

Posted September 25th, 2011 at 10:49am

I can not stop buying nail polish since i have bought my first one after i was 17. I really like them and so they cause me to feel feel much more a real woman. In this article, I will share some tips concerning how to apply nail polish perfectly i hope they're able to assist you to.

Nail Lacquer

Make your nails and acquire prepared.

You'd better wash your hands and apply some hand cream before you start the work. In most cases, short nails suit dark colors and long nails suit light colors. Anyway, you'll be able to choose your own personal favorite colors as you wish.

Best Nail Polish

Base coat is a vital thing.

It's necessary for you to definitely apply base coat when you do it. Should you apply nail polish frequently, you cannot disregard the base coat. Good base coat helps protects your nails from absorbing toxic substances and provides an easy surface for an additional step.

Shake the bottle gently.

You can see there are many metal balls inside the bottle. Before you start to utilize the nail polish, shake the bottle gently and this will enable you to get better pigmentation.

nail polish remover

3 stripes are sufficient.

Begin with the centre of your nails. Generally speaking, every nail needs only 3 stripes and 2-3 coats of nail polish. Apply one stripe from the base of the nail to the end than it, and then apply two stripes within the nearly everywhere.

When the first coat looks uneven, don't get worried since you can cover it using the next coat. Usually dark colors need One or two coats and lightweight colors need more.

Apply the superior coat.

Good top coat protects your nail color from being exhausted prematurely and makes the color shiny. Before you decide to apply the most notable coat, ensure that the nail polish is very dry otherwise all of your work will be destroyed.

There are many kinds of top coats and each ones has different effects. Some top coats can make your nails shine like diamonds while some of which will make your nails matte.

The work isn't finished yet.

You may be told your nail polish dries very quickly by the BA; however, it's going to dry totally in 12 hours. This means you should avoid cooking, bathing or anything which can hurt your nails.

The worst thing I wish to remind my girls is that you should remove your nail color once each week and then leave at least 2 or 3 days to your nails to breathe healthily.

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