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Posted May 26th, 2007 at 04:35pm

hmm starting to get addicted to fixing this asianave shit hahaha well whatever what to put in here ? kk well recap of yesterday. pulled adventure with tayne mac and jan. stayed at school for like 2 hours trying to get gliff to go to crystas hotel party but he didnt wanna go lmfao but its all good. (: then bussed it to polo and was looking around for crystas gift but ended up not buying anything. then we were waiting for the bus to go to macs house but then me and tayne got a mad craving for some sushi haha so we walked it to sushi train. haha fucken mac was such a big noob with his chopsticks. then our waiter girl was soo stupid lmfao i dont think she understood english. LOL cause we asked her for forks. then she comes back with plates. then mac starts yelling "i said a fork biitch ! " hahahahah fucken too funny, around 9 bussed it to gradencity for tha party. pretty funn got jucied then yaa chilled fucken mac was all talking to god on the phone LMFAO ! your soo stupid mac. then ya left around 2ish.

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