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Posted October 13th, 2007 at 11:57am

In the few spare moments that I manage to have for myself, I think about my life, my choices, and where I am NOW.

I am 32, single, have a F/T job, and study as well (3rd year). I have only had one serious relationship (if you can even call it that) more like a business transaction. No guy has ever asked me out. I still haven't been to a movie with a guy, let alone meet the parents.

I sit here watching movies during my study break, only to find myself sitting here alone. What use is a beautiful sofa, house, car etc without someone to share that part of my life with???

I slightly turn my head and imagine how it would be if HE was here with me now?

Of course, HE isn't the only thing to complete me. But it would be nice to share my time with him.

I was told by my clairvoyant to 'try harder' with my next relationship to make it work. Hmm, i guess that means applying makeup to my face, or maybe doing my nails? Apart from that, why wouldn't I try harder to make a relationship work if I really liked the guy, right? I guess she may be talking about the initial stages of a relationship.

The good news is, is that he is coming... when, I don't know, but it is soon.


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Male, Age Private, Casnovia, MI


tell ya what i will gladly in to a movie with ya. hell i will do even better than that and offer dinner as well. i an't rich but i treat every one i in out with right.


Male, Age Private, Wayne, PA


...you have such a "Classic look" about you I cannot believe you have not had more relationships....I wish you the best of luck and happiness.....if you were in my "neck of the woods" I would most definitely ask you out...


Male, Age Private, Mount Pleasant, MI


you know trying harder is not always the answer, if you do your nails your hair, yes maybe you feel better about yourself but do you honestly think that a man would think 2 times about that? i guess im looking at it from my perspective as an old fashioned man ive been married 3 times and not very successful at it, I am quite a catch they would tell me and then only to find out that being a classy guy has no effect on todays women, i may only be 29 but my heart been broken as it has and my trust diminished in the opposite sex i find myself turning to God hoping and praying that theres still a woman who just wants a man that would take care of her. be completed with a family, hmn... i dont think i really answered your questions i hope though by sharing a little story that you may find in it some direction or maybe you wont give this a second thought either way i wish you the best in life and to be full in your heart. take care always ..... A caring friend....

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