Posted September 28th, 2008 at 07:11am

Because theres beauty in the breakdown...

Pain is something everyone goes through. Some are able to deal with it and others have a hard time. Then there's always that small majority that say they're completely okay. They convince themselves and others that it doesn't bother them at all, until night comes along. The silence... In which I'm very familiar with. It gives you time to think and that pain that you were trying so hard to avoid hits you twice as hard than it would've the first time. If only you took the time to deal with it before then maybe it wouldn't hurt so much. You can't breathe, your heart is being squeezed, warm tears that wont stop falling, hands clutched onto your pillow wishing that it would absorb some of the pain, and then once again the unbareable pain. Feeling nothing but loss and emptiness. Just when you start beliving there's absolutely no hope, a friend calls. know they care but the pain is yours and your burden alone. Only time can heal the wounds but it's a rough and dark road getting to that light of happiness once again. - me

Written on 05 / 28 / 07

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Male, 38, Hawthorne, CA


take that "rough and dark road", my friend, but only when you're ready..

if i could, i would take your hand and lead you through it..

..but then, you might drag me to a darker corner and have your way with me!

hahaha, i'm kidding, of course!

be strong, little one!


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