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Posted April 22nd, 2009 at 08:40pm

the difference between love and infatuation




Is when you love someone wholeheartedly and giving them your all.

Is when you know that they mean something special to you.

Is when you want to be with them wherever they're at no matter what the distance is.

Is when you try to go the extra mile to show them how much you truly mean to them.

Is when you accept everything about that person and love them unconditionally.

Is when you can forgive that person no matter what harm they may cause in the future.

Is forgiving that persons mistake and giving them a chance to enrich your lives.

Is when you feel you're nothing without them.

Is when you sacrifice yourself for the sake of their own happiness.

Is when you receive the love back you've shown and want for them.

Is when you show through your tears how much they're worth to you despite the pain.

Is when you're willing to show change in order to show them that you sincerely care.

Is when you do everything together and being aware of how they truly make u feel.




Is when you think you like them, yet you have your doubts.

Is when you fall for what they say but not through their actions.

Is when you feel that you think u know that person, until they show u their true form.

Is when you stress over the fact that they might be "THE ONE", where there is no room for questions.

Is when you don't even know that person well enough to think whether your feelings are true for them.

Is when you're not sure whether to step back or forward, knowledge is power


"i'm not gonna be in the same game that everyone plays, i'm going to create a whole different ball game that you're waiting to play with me" uH!


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Female, Age Private, Hungary


love hurts
love tears you apart
love can destroy you
love leaves you scars
love can burn you alive
love is too dark
love is the devil
love is not real
love is a lie
love makes you cry
I wish i never knew the word "LOVE"


Female, 27, Sacramento, CA



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