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Douchebag needs to be punched in the face

Posted October 11th, 2010 at 10:52pm

Last weekend, I drove to Houston, about 3 hours from where I live in order to slap this girl a taste of reality.  24 years of my life, I learned that players are players; they're not going to be changed by you and don't dare think you can change them because you're only going find yourself being "another girl".  How do I know this?  I'm a guy; I know how they think.  Here's a few stuffs in their play book

1.) I should act very friendly and try to invite her over for something for some alone time (movie at my house)
2.) I should tell her all the bad things I've done to build trust.  She'll think "Well, at least he's honest w/ me..." (regardless how bad it looks like)
3.) I should try to get in on some physical touch b/c they dig that stuff. (maybe cuddling, holding hands, etc)
4.) If I keep on being persistent, she'll give in because she's going to feel bad and try at least once.
5.) I'm going to tell her things she wants to hear.  Such as "I miss you", "I want to be with you"
6.) I have no patience to wait.  I'm going to give her a time limit elsewise I'll move on.  (eg: I'm leaving to school soon, I want an answer.)

My only 3 real advices to girls are never give in so easily, you'll be respected more.  In other word, he should be trying to impress you from beginning to end--not trying to pull a quick one.  Secondly, never feel like you owe them anything, b/c you don't.  You give only if you feel he deserves it.  Thirdly, if a guy really likes you, he'll take less risky move when he's chasing you because he doesn't want to ruin it. 

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Female, 30, Stevens Point, WI

Posted are such a devoted friend! lol. very nice tips btw. ;)


Female, 31, Saint Paul, MN


Thank God there are still good men out there! :D Props to you!!


Female, 43, Pearland, TX


Very well put and straight to the point. More people need to put it all out there.


Male, 31, Bronx, NY


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Female, 32, United Kingdom


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Male, 32, Torrance, CA


awww its horrible


Male, 25, Latvia


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Male, 30, Romania


great job, props to you!

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