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Facts About Gelato - the Italian Ice Cream

Posted October 13th, 2011 at 03:59pm

Have you been hearing all the talk in recent months about Italian ice cream? It's fame is spreading and it's available in many places now. If you watch any of the cooking shows on television, you have probably seen at least one show devoted to Italian ice cream. In any event, you can find hundreds of different recipes and websites devoted to gelato on the internet. The reason is plain and simple. People can't stop talking about the incredible texture and taste of this Italian treat. As we'll discuss in this article, there are many different ways to prepare gelato. It's an extremely diverse type of dessert. Whether or not it is about Italian ice cream or physical therapy aide online, you should always aim for good quality.

It might appear that gelato is a new concoction due to the fact that its popularity is just now spreading. It's history goes all the way back to Florence at the time of the renaissance, more than four hundred years ago. During the 20th century there started to appear gelato vendors who sold this treat from street carts, much like the "ice cream man" Americans are so familiar with. However, 400 years ago you had to have royal blood or be extremely rich in order to eat gelato. Gelato didn't become widespread, however, until refrigerators and freezers were available in most homes. TV Cooking Shows and other internet sources offer many recipes and instructions on making gelato. This makes it easy for those who search for new sources of foods to enjoy. It seems, at long last, that gelato has become universally available.

One difference between gelato and common ice cream is the fact that gelato is meant to be eaten within a couple of days of its purchase. It can't be stored for weeks or months in the freezer like ice cream. The flavor of gelato can deteriorate quite rapidly due to the fact that the main ingredients are fresh. The consistency of the gelato will be altered for the worse if ice crystals form on its surface. It's true that you can freeze gelato, but all this will do is extend the time it takes before it turns bad. You won't enjoy the same great taste and consistency after it freezes. This can be considered a negative factor because, obviously, true gelato made from fresh ingredients cannot be mass-produced like ice cream. But that's good in one way. You can save having gelato for occasions when you want to truly enjoy a fresh serving of this delightful Italian ice cream. Italian Ice Cream is just like physical therapy assistant jobs in los angeles
Is chocolate your passion? There are many gelato choices that include chocolate. Just a few examples are gelato with chocolate chips, milk chocolate gelato, dark chocolate gelato, and gelato as the fill in "oreo" type cookies. Chocolate can be enjoyed by itself, or combined with other flavors, such as fruits or nuts. Don't be shy about ordering a couple of different scoops of gelato when you visit a gelateria. This will give you the chance to sample more than one flavor at the same time. This is the same as when you visit a Baskin Robbins and order two scoops of different ice creams. This holds true as well for those of you who want to prepare fresh gelato in your own kitchen. From the many cookbooks and recipe sites available online, you will discover a never-ending selection of recipes that use one type of chocolate or another. It may sound weird, but I have seen a recipe that pairs chocolate with hot peppers. This is not an unusual combination in Mexican cuisines and is quite delicious.

More and more people every day are discovering Italian ice cream and its fame is spreading rapidly throughout the world. Gelato has several advantages over ordinary ice cream. When traditional gelato is prepared the way it has always been in Italy, it is made with all fresh, natural ingredients. This obviously makes it better for your health than mass-produced ice cream. Information is becoming widespread and easier to find about gelato. You can search for different recipes or the location of the nearest gelateria with a few clicks of your mouse. Deciding on a occupational therapy assistant jobs in minneapolis flavor for your Italian Ice Cream is something that goes a lengthy way.

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